Why Do I Need a Headshot?

professional headshotsWhat is a headshot? Why do I need to have a professional headshot taken of me? Have you ever thought of getting professional headshots a part of your business brand? The “You” brand is someone’s first impression they see. It’s important to activate your brand power, capture your inside story and define your true essence!

As an entrepreneur or hardworking professional, you are more than a brilliant business mogul. You have overcome adversity and undergone transformation within your brand and your business. Headshots are an important piece of your branding to not only promote your business, but also yourself. Here are Rhea Lewis Photography Studios, we aim to create a branding environment that will capture the true essence of “You”. We will provide expert advice on how to create that great headshot! If you are worried about what to wear, makeup, hair styles or even settings, we have the professional experience and advice to make you look your best. Put your best foot forward and you’ll see that it might just help win that next lead!

Still have reservations? Let’s face it, the LinkedIn headshot your friend took of you while hanging out with a group of friends that has been cropped ten times probably isn’t making the kind of statement you want. Brand yourself and book your session with Rhea Lewis Today!

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