Here at Rhea Lewis Photography, our scope of photographic work is really aimed at the building of confidence. From offering boudoir photography to cancer survivors to making a pregnant mother feel beautiful, we aim to show the true beauty in all of our clients.

The latest story on this journey comes from a 5 and a half year old girl named Kaelyn. She is a self confident girl by herself but was recently dealing with some teasing at school that was chipping away at her self confidence. Some little boys at her school kept telling her that her banana curls were “funky”. After a week or so of this teasing, she started to feel bad about her hair and even mentioned this to her mother. This all coincided coincidentally with the scheduling of her 5 year photos.

We decided to make this a fun dress up session for Kaelyn. We arranged for personal stylist and hairstylist, Style Me Jaime. At the photo session, Kaelyn totally rocked it. She posed, she did tricks, she twirled, she smized… you could tell she was loving the attention. The greatest part? On the way home from the session, she told her mom “I felt so beautiful and confident today with Ms. Rhea and I’m going to tell those boys my hair is beautiful!”. Her mom was very happy to hear this and had to call us and relay Kaelyn’s sentiments about the photo shoot. Of course, we were over the moon to hear that this sweet 5 and a half year old girl took such a beautiful gift with her from our photo shoot.

So why do just a routine yearly photo shoot documenting your child? Take it to the next level with Rhea Lewis Photography and give your child that always-needed confidence boost. Between our set choice, styling, lighting, hair and makeup.. your child will feel like a rock star!


Charley made a visit to Rhea Lewis Photography Studios recently and we had to post some session highlights of this cutie. The occasion for her visit: she just turned 3! She told us she loved all things princess, especially Elsa and Anna from Frozen. With valuable information such as that in hand, we dressed her up pretty in pink to show off the true princess she is. This beauty has two brothers to protect her from any villans in her fairytale. We chose a wintery backdrop to transport her to Arendale and gave her a beautiful dress to rival Elsa’s! We had a great time capturing portraits of this little princess. Looking to book a photographer for your child? Look no further than Rhea Lewis Photography!

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professional headshots jupiterWhy are head shots important?  Chances are if you are in business, you understand that every business has a brand. Branding is all around you! Look at the massive amounts of money retail establishments spend to get their brand in your head! How your represent your company and yourself is so important on how others perceived you. These perceptions are based on the target market you are going after, the problems you can solve for them and the customer service you provide.

So now that we’ve established the importance of a brand, why have head shots professionally taken? It’s easy to just go outside and have somebody take a photo of you or crop out your friends at that party you attended last week and use that as your headshot! However, head shots are an important part of doing business and the biggest and best CEO’s take great pride in their self-branding. How you present yourself to the world makes a difference. Let us help you make that difference by taking the most appropriate, attractive and branded portraiture of you!

Whether you put your head shot will be used on your website, social media or even professional sites such as LinkedIn, you are always representing your business in one way or another. If you deal with other businesses or the general public, a professional head shot will provide and instill confidence in your business and clients by helping them to become more willing to deal with you. A person branded for their market instills confidence and a willingness to buy.

If you have questions on the setting, clothes, makeup hair or anything for your next professional headshot be sure to contact us here at Rhea Lewis Photography Studios, as we have the experience to help you achieve your goal in creating the “You” brand!


professional headshot jupiterThinking of having some professional head shots done for your LinkedIn profile, website or other professional marketing material? Here at Rhea Lewis Photography Studios, we have the experience and knowledge to create the most effective professional headshots for you. Planning on joining us soon for a headshot photo session? Here are some simple tips for you to follow.

  1. Make sure to look rested and feeling well.
  2. Wear your hair styled to your best look. Wait at least a week after a haircut and that no differently colored roots are showing.
  3. Be sure to shave before your photo – a 4 o’clock shadow is not always seen as professional.
  4. Apply makeup over a good moisturizer so your skin doesn’t appear to be dry. Also wear more makeup than usual due to lighting (we have professional makeup artists on hand to help with makeup!).
  5. Choose a neckline that matches your body type and the neck is not too low cut. Remember your look needs to maintain professionalism for the market you are going after!
  6. Choose clothing that projects the image you want to see. Stick with solid colors and avoid solid white or wild patterns or prints. Don’t wear shiny fabrics that reflect light.
  7. Be sure to take photos with your glasses on or off if you wear them.
  8. Keep jewelry simple to keep the focus on your face.
  9. Don’t look straight into the camera and be sure to turn to show the best profile of your face.
  10. Don’t forget to smile!

With these 10 tips, we can help you create a fun professional head shoot to help with your personal branding and give the right first impression of you! Contact us and schedule your head shots to begin the path of establishing the “You” Brand!


professional headshotsWhat is a headshot? Why do I need to have a professional headshot taken of me? Have you ever thought of getting professional headshots a part of your business brand? The “You” brand is someone’s first impression they see. It’s important to activate your brand power, capture your inside story and define your true essence!

As an entrepreneur or hardworking professional, you are more than a brilliant business mogul. You have overcome adversity and undergone transformation within your brand and your business. Headshots are an important piece of your branding to not only promote your business, but also yourself. Here are Rhea Lewis Photography Studios, we aim to create a branding environment that will capture the true essence of “You”. We will provide expert advice on how to create that great headshot! If you are worried about what to wear, makeup, hair styles or even settings, we have the professional experience and advice to make you look your best. Put your best foot forward and you’ll see that it might just help win that next lead!

Still have reservations? Let’s face it, the LinkedIn headshot your friend took of you while hanging out with a group of friends that has been cropped ten times probably isn’t making the kind of statement you want. Brand yourself and book your session with Rhea Lewis Today!