Why I Am the Right Choice- Children’s Photographer

jupiter child photographerEver since I was a little girl, my family called me “the judge”. Not because I was judgmental, but because I was a keen observer of the world around me. I would take everything in before making a decision, observing the details and the reactions of people around me first. Being a middle child of 4 children I was also always looking for a way to blend in and not make too many waves. I watched and learned. This taught me lots of patience and understanding of the people around me. Fast forward to my adult life when my husband and I were trying to have a child. After 5 years of infertility treatments and the roller coaster of emotions that go along with it, we were ready to give up and then I miraculously got pregnant. Having gone through this experience I felt so blessed to be pregnant that I loved every minute of it. And when our son was born, he became the center of my universe; I felt so lucky to have him and cherished every moment. This taught me encouragement and faith. Patience, understanding, encouragement and faith are what drives me as a person and what makes me unique. This explains why I chose to pursue children’s portraiture and why I have the ultimate patience with them. I treasure them and understand what they may need to be happy. I love to get down to their level and have fun so that I can get those authentic and genuine expressions. Together we discover how truly amazing they are.
Maternity, newborn, baby’s first year, and childhood are the innocent years and ones that pass by so quickly. It is my privilege and mission to help you cherish them, hold onto them, capture them and preserve them with timeless and beautiful portraiture.