Take time for yourself. Recharge with our Premiere Boudoir Studio.

Ever feel like you cannot get a minute to yourself? That there are constant demands on your time and energy?

You are not alone.

The demands of our modern lives can overwhelm us. Whether you run a business, work full time at home or outside the home, take care of immediate or extended family members, participate in social or community commitments… your lifestyle demands a full YOU.

"Recharge your batteries to update your spirit. Refresh your perspectives to upgrade your soul."

Find a Way to Unwind

If you don’t prioritize “me” time, you won’t be able to give your full self to those around you.

You will feel more exhausted, more run down and more rushed. Always being under pressure will cause you to eventually burn out from too high of a consistent stress level.

How can you unwind with us? Here are Rhea Lewis Photography, we do full-service hair & makeup, provide amazing lingerie to make you look your best and truly give you a day to just focus on you.

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Brain Reboot = More Productivity

Did you know the human brain was not built for extended periods of focus? Always having a to-do list and working from the moment you wake up until the moment you go to sleep is not healthy. YOU NEED TO TAKE BREAKS. Doing something enjoyable in those breaks helps you stay on track.

When you book a session with Rhea Lewis Photography, we offer a variety of printed portraiture. View our gallery here to see how we can give you a memento of your shoot that can sit on your desk and help you escape for a few minutes!

Allow Time for Deeper Thinking and Self-Discovery

A self-evaluation every few months is so important. You need to consider:

If you are not aligning your actions with your objectives, this will cause you to feel unfulfilled and unhappy.

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"Me"-Time Improves Your Relationships

When you prioritize yourself and your needs, other people notice. Lack of respect for yourself will cause other people to not respect you. Value yourself and others will value you.

When you fill up your cup with “me” time, you have the energy to fill others cups around you. It will give you more energy for your significant other, dependents in you life and also more energy to tackle projects at work.

When you book a session with us, we give you the option to order mementos of your boudoir session which can make for a perfect anniversary gift or surprise just-because gift. You will be looking fabulous after your photo shoot, so it also provides the perfect excuse for a date night or night on the town with the girls!

Overall Well-Being

It’s simple… doing things we enjoy makes us feel happier! When we feel happy, we are more positive. When we are more positive, it helps with how we approach our lives.

Taking time to be healthy and fulfilled by having fun, relaxing or doing something just for us improves your overall well-being and sense of self-worth.

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How to Make More "Me"-Time

Remember, “me” time doesn’t mean doing something alone! It’s an activity that is something you enjoy and builds you up. All of this describes a session at Rhea Lewis Photography. Book your session today to schedule some much needed self-love and “me” time.