Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Boudoir Experience and How to Prepare

Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Boudoir Experience and How to Prepare

OK. So you’ve booked your shoot, and are wondering what do I do now to get ready? Every woman asks that, and it can be a little nerve wracking. There are so many emotions leading up to your boudoir shoot, and that’s OK. I am here for you every step of the way!

I have put together a list of guidelines and suggestions here to ease your mind and get you mentally and physically prepared to get the most out of your boudoir experience.

Ready, set, GO!

You will arrive at your session with no makeup and a clean, bare face and clean and dry hair down loose.

#1 Personal Grooming

By planning for and taking time for you with personal grooming, you will feel and look your best on the day of your shoot.

  • Hair Preparation – If you need a haircut or highlights, please be sure to schedule these in advance of your shoot by a week or so.
  • Brow and Bikini Area Grooming – Our lingerie outfits are intended to show all of you, so please pay close attention to these details and have them taken care of to your liking at least one week prior, so that your skin is not irritated or reddened the day of your shoot.
  • Fingernails and Toenails – Yes please pay attention to these too! They will be showing so please be sure to have them look nice the day of your session. You can choose a color for your nails, but most women opt to go for a natural look.
  • Spray Tan – It’s Florida, so many women have tans or like to get spray tans. I usually suggest not to do this so that you skin tone is uniform throughout your body and there are no tan lines. However, as long as it looks natural and not orangey it’s OK with me. Please, please, please do not get a sunburn prior to our shoot! Lol!
  • Skin Moisture and Hydration – Moisture is key to glowing skin! Hopefully, you’re doing this every morning and every night. Whether you do or don’t, moisturize the night before AND morning of your shoot. Also, try to drink plenty of water the day before and day of your shoot. Moisturized, hydrated skin is smoother and fills out fine lines and plumps up the skin, PLUS it keeps it that dewy look.

#2 Beauty Sleep

I always recommend a restful long night’s sleep for a few days and the night before your session. “Beauty sleep” is a real actual thing. Beauty sleep helps keep us feel and look young, it is a natural fountain of youth. By making sure you get 8-9 hours of sleep in just a few weeks you will see an amazing transformation. You will get fewer wrinkles, glowing complexion, brighter less puffy eyes, healthier hair and a more happy and healthy appearance.

#3 “Boudoir Yoga”

Let’s face it, this will be a workout, so mentally prepare yourself. You’ll be arching and stretching and getting into all sorts of positions you don’t normally get into. But don’t worry, I’ll be doing them with you and guiding you every step of the way! I often refer to it as “Boudoir Yoga”, and if I can do it you can do it. My only suggestion to you is to not go overboard with your own exercising the day before your shoot so that you are not too sore before we even begin. Stretching is good, just no serious exercising before the session. Because you will be sore afterward anyway!

#4 Do bring sentimental items

If you are doing this shoot for your significant other then it’s always a great idea to bring something that is important to him/her. Whether it’s his team’s jersey, his dress shirt, a tie, or the special jewelry he has given you, he will LOVE those pictures because he will know you were thinking of him during the session.

#5 Don’t forget the accessories, heels and jewelry

If you have shoes, boots, jewelry or any other accessory you would like to include to personalize your portraits, bring those too. I always love to include as much of your personality in the portraits as possible.

#6 Tattoos

We love tattoos. And if you do too, then we’ll highlight them. If you’d like to cover them up, we can do that too. However, you feel your best, and how it represents who you are now, is what we will showcase and celebrate.

#6 Put together a Pinterest Board

Another fun way to prepare is to make a Pinterest board with some beautiful imagery from my website or others that inspires you and excites you for our shoot together. We call them inspiration boards and it can be so fun to put yourself in the shoes of the beautiful imagery you see. Save those images and send them to us in advance of your session so that we can both be inspired and that we can collaborate and custom design the session of your dreams.

#7 Let us know ahead of time what you are uncomfortable with

Last but NOT least, make sure we know what parts of your body that you’d like to highlight and which parts you’d rather hide. If you have scars or tattoos that you are not comfortable with, then we will choose outfits and posing techniques that will provide camouflage. If you feel insecure about your ears, then we’ll make sure when you move around that your ears aren’t showing, this sort of thing. In the same vein, if there are aspects of your body, you’d like me to highlight, let me know that too! If you tell us that your significant other loves your back dimples, then we can make sure to showcase that in some of your shots. However, you feel your best, and how it represents who you are now, is what we will showcase and celebrate.

We also welcome you to ask us any questions you may have. At Rhea Lewis Photography Studio, we are here for you every step of the way. So, if you find yourself questioning something or would like to clarify something, reach out to us. We want you to embrace this life-changing photo shoot and not let anything stand in your way. We are here to reassure you in any way we can, woman to woman.

Are you ready to feel beautiful?