An emotional Spouse/Partner Boudoir Reveal

An emotional Spouse/Partner Boudoir Reveal

Boudoir is an empowering experience for women, this we all know to be true. But how does this experience affect your loved ones?  I have to believe it’s positive, how could I know for sure?  What I rarely ever get to see is the actual moment that a woman shows her partner her portraits and the real emotion that defines this moment. 

Meet Miss A.  A lovely 38 year old woman who shared with me that she met her soul mate at 11 years old.  Together they have 2 children,  21 and 17.  I nearly fell off my chair when at our pre-session consultation she told me she had a 21-year old son. She had him at 17. That in itself is a great story of love and long term marriage. Add in very troubled and abusive childhoods for both of them and their love story gets even more special.  

Basically these two beautiful souls grew up together and were there for each other through some very rough times. Both surviving their childhood traumas with the support of one another. Today, they run a plumbing business together. 

Miss A. sought out a boudoir session for herself as a special anniversary gift for her husband, as a way to spice up their marriage. Think about that, after 27 years together, she is still wanting to keep things fresh. That to me was so very refreshing and wonderful.

I could tell at her in person consultation, that Miss A. was very hard on herself and that her self-esteem had suffered greatly due to her difficult childhood.  She was very shy and shared with me that she didn’t really like being the center of attention. She was more of a behind the scenes kind of woman. But she was ready to step outside her comfort zone for herself and for her husband. Mind you, this was way, way out of her comfort zone. She never though of herself as a beautiful woman..the only positive word she could come up with to describe herself was “cute”. 

I knew this was going to be an emotional and transformational journey of self love for her. We picked the three words: confident, sexy and beautiful for her session.  And yes, she was extremely nervous and shy when she arrived at  my studio for her session. But my all women staff and I quickly put her at ease and welcomed her in with open arms.  Her bravery to be so open to stepping so far outside of her comfort zone was inspirational, and I was very careful to guide her through the process gently and with love. By the end of the session, she was changed, everyone could see it. Her confidence was beaming.  She wanted to keep the surprise of her album until her anniversary.

So fast forward to the album reveal for her. She loved it and was so amazed that this beautiful creature was her. I knew I wanted to document and share her reaction seeing her album for the first time and I did just that.  I also knew she was excited to share the album with her husband. I asked her to let me know how he reacts.  I really wasn’t expecting her to video him and actually share it with me but she did. 

I have to say that his reaction was so moving and beautiful I feel it needs to be shared with the world!  It’s just such a beautiful and real moment between two people who have traversed life together from very dark and traumatic beginnings. Who have been there for each other through the very worst of times, and have created a wonderful life and family despite it all. This moment to me is a triumph of love, how it can heal, flourish and thrive in the best possible way for two people who, as children,  were put in situations devoid of love.  

He cried, she cried, and I cried when I saw this video.  To me, it’s a validation that these sessions are deeply meaningful not only to the women who have the experience as a journey to reconnect with their femininity and self-love , but for the partners and spouses who love them dearly and see them for the magnificently beautiful women that they are.

check out their video moments below…

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