Boudoir for Marriage Counseling?

Are you currently in a relationship and are struggling with intimacy? What if I told you there was something that was fun, exciting and yet had the opportunity to spice things up between you and that special someone? Here at Rhea Lewis Photography, my team & I have several opportunities for you:

  • Couples Boudoir. Capture those close and intimate moments between the two of you to keep forever.
  • Women’s Boudoir. I offer a variety of  boudoir styles to capture your inner and outer beauty.
  • Men’s Boudoir (a.k.a Dudeoir). Men need to feel special too. Just like women, our hairstylists and wardrobe are available to help them feel special and confident.

Boudoir photography is an excellent way to show that special someone just how sexy you are and spice things up! You choose the location, the outfits and type of photography you are interested in and we will take care of the rest. The decision is up to you on how modest or how sexy you want to make your private boudoir photoshoot. Be sure to contact us with any ideas or styles you may be interested in and we can make your photoshoot one to remember!

The boudoir style you decide to go with can not only be sexy, but it can also be a lot of fun! From the makeup, hairstyles to the clothes this will allow you to bring out your natural beauty and confidence. Don’t forget that these Boudoir shoots make fantastic birthday, Christmas or even Valentine’s Day gifts! Cal us today to schedule a boudoir session for you or your significant other to show your appreciation for one another: (561) 758-5848.

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