Boudoir Photography For Role Playing

glamour boudoir photography jupiter fl
Old Hollywood glamour

To keep a relationship spicy and interesting, role playing is usually involved. The experts agree, as quoted below:

“Role-playing is just that—play! It’s meant to entice giggles and get you out of your routine,” says author and relationship expert Lissa Coffey ( “We all have different aspects of our personality, and it’s fun for us to express these various parts of ourselves at times, to let them come out to play in a setting where [you’re] not being judged, just having a good time.”

Looking to dress up as a glamorous Hollywood starlet? Want to take a high fashion black and white photo shoot? Interested in capturing the beauty of that pregnant belly? Want to take playful pictures with that favorite sports jersey? We can do all of these things here at Rhea Lewis Photography. We can help you create special images for that special someone in your life. The benefits of these images won’t be just to the recipient, the benefit will go to you too! After seeing how our makeup artists, hairstylists and wardrobe enhance your inner and outer beauty, you will feel more confident, sexy and desirable. Let us create keepsake images of you or your special someone to help remind you of what caused the spark between you in the first place. Call today to schedule a time to talk with me about which type of boudoir photography style you are interested in today: (561) 758-5848.

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