Breast Cancer Awareness Charity Promotion

* SEEKING NOMINATIONS FOR 10 WOMEN TO RECEIVE A COMPLIMENTARY LUXURY WOMEN’S PORTRAIT SESSIONS IN HONOR OF BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH* Do you know someone who is undergoing or has undergone treatment for breast cancer? So many of us do. My mother and aunt are survivors. Since our studio in Jupiter is all about uplifting and empowering women, we’d like to gift 10 FREE sessions this month to 10 deserving women. My heart goes out to these women and I want to be able to make them feel beautiful, feminine and whole again. I feel so strongly that my photo session can help them on so many levels to feel beautiful. I truly believe it can help them reconnect with their beautiful and powerful inner light as woman as they deal with the emotional and physical scars of breast cancer. Please either PM me or share the story here. We will select 10 women for this special gift. Feel free to share this post as we seek our nominees. We will receive nomination throughout the month of October and will select our finalists by October 30th.  50% of any profits will be donated back to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  Please respond back with the answers to the following questions for consideration…Thank You!!!


Phone number: Home address:

Nominated by: Email:
Phone Number:

What type of cancer did/do you have? When did you contract this disease?

What stage are you at: Just diagnosed? In Treatment? In Remission? Cancer free?

In your own words..what is your story as a women dealing with this disease? How has it changed you?

What is some advice you would like to share with other women dealing with this?

Are you open with sharing your story on social media so that it can help others?

Our sessions are all about empowering and uplifting women through boudoir photography, are you open to allowing yourself to be vulnerable?

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