Why You Should Do a Bridal Boudoir Session For Your Groom

Your big day is approaching and you want everything to be perfect. Your wedding day is the time for you to shine. But why only reserve that for one day? Bridal boudoir allows you to extend your special day and special moment in time in a way that your fiancee and husband-to-be will truly appreciate. Think about what a great gift a secret book full of bridal boudoir photos the night before your wedding or even the morning of!

We know the flattering poses, perfect lighting, hair and makeup and accessories that can truly bring out your beauty and make you shine. Bridal boudoir is the perfect gift to give to your new husband- and here’s a few reasons why:

  • Bridal boudoir photos allow you to show trust. You are showing your groom that you are trusting him with your whole self. That you are willing to trust him to love you without judgement. And it shows that you are confident- willing to be vulnerable and bold.
  • Bridal boudoir helps relieve pre-wedding stress. Bridal boudoir gives you a chance to be pampered. Planning for a wedding takes a lot of time, detail and stress. Being pampered with hair and makeup, sipping on champagne and boosting your self esteem will definitely help melt the stress away!
  • Bridal boudoir allows you to prep for the big day. Bridal boudoir prepares you to be the star of the show on your wedding day by getting comfortable in front of the camera. How nice would it be to be able to practice? You will have knowledge before the big day which angles and which poses work great for you.

Know that here at Rhea Lewis Photography, our internationally award-winning photographer and glam squad will show you just how fabulous you can look. Don’t delay in giving yourself and your groom the gift of this special moment in time. Call (561) 758-5848 today or book your boudoir session online.

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