8 Things to Know Before Booking a Boudoir Photographer - The Must Read Guide

8 Things to Know Before Booking a Boudoir Photographer - The Must Read Guide

Want to have the best photos for your boudoir shoot?
Choosing the right photographer is the first step

Read these tips to make sure you’re choosing the right person that fits your style and understands your vision, but most of all, someone who will help you feel as beautiful as you truly are!

TIP #1 - Check out the Photographer's Portfolio

Do they specialize in boudoir?  While it isn’t required to be photographing just boudoir to be good at it, if their website or portfolio is literally EVERYTHING, they may not have the experience in posing and lighting for women in boudoir. It’s not the same as photographing family photos or weddings. 

TIP #2 - Photographer's Style

When you look at their portfolio, what sort of style do you see? How does looking at the images make you feel? There is quite a range out there! 

Is the imagery conservative or more egdy? Is it dark and moody or light and ehterial? There is no right or wrong here, art is meant to be subjective. But it is important that you choose a photographer that matches your style and that you can picture yourself in their imagery. 

It is also important to note of their style is consistent. Are you seeing a wide variety of women in flattering poses across all body types? If there are inconsistencies or several images of the same women, this is indicative of a photographer who is less experienced and is using paid models to pad their portfolio. 

Our style could be described as sensual and elegant. We use light and shadow to flatter all body shapes and sizes. We like to use darkness and shadow to portray mystery and brighter soft light to portray softness and romance. It’s all about the feel of the image and the mood we are going for.

Tip #3 - Editing and Retouching

What sort of retouching style does the photographer have?

If there is little to no retouching, you will see details like blemishes, wrinkles, or possible cellulite. If the photographer does a lot of retouching, the skin will look “plastic” and unnatural.

Retouching and editing are definitely a matter of personal preference. There is no wrong approach. The question you need to ask yourself is what is the level of retouching you see in the photographer’s work match the editing style you would like to have. 

Tip #4 - Nudity

When searching for a boudoir photographer, it’s important to take note of their philosophy regarding nudity. 

Some may photograph full nudity and some may not. Some may photograph it but choose not to share those photos publicly on their website portfolio to safeguard client privacy. It is always OK to ask so that you know what your options are. 

Fine art nudity can be a beautiful art form and definitely does not indicate anything raunchy. Nudity can also be implied, whereby the placement of hands, garments, or sheets ensures your private areas are discretely covered. There are many options, just make sure you ask your photographer to make sure they offer what you are looking for. 

Tip #5 - Full Service Amenities

Does the photographer include Hair and Makeup? Do they have a wardrobe closet that you can choose outfits from?  If you are looking for a full-service pampering experience this may be important to you.

Just because you have seen an image on Pinterest that you like doesn’t mean that the photographer has the skill set, hair and makeup artist on staff,  props, or wardrobe to achieve it.   If you don’t see anything like it in their website portfolio or on Instagram or Facebook, chances are they are not able to do what you are looking for. Make sure you ask them about these things in advnce of your session. 

Tip #6 - Where willl the shoot be?

There are 4 reasonable options for boudoir photographers. Your own home, the photographer’s home,  a hotel or Airbnb, or the photographer’s studio.

Unless your home is staged to suit the needs of a photographer, generally it’s not the best option for boudoir photos. This is likewise true for a session held in a photographer’s home as well, plus there is the added awkwardness of photographing intimate portraits in someone else’s regular bedroom..will you feel 100% at ease there? Likely not.

Hotels and AirBnBs can be difficult to feel comfortable and private, plus there are legality issues in some instances.

Most likely the place you will feel the safest and get the best results is at an established photographer’s studio specifically curated and staged to work for boudoir sessions. 

Tip #7 - Privacy

Boudoir photography is a very personal experience. You may feel that these photos are just for you and your partner. On the other hand, you may believe so strongly in the empowering nature of your experience that you can’t wait to show the whole world! 

The most important thing to consider is does your photographer has a specific policy in place for privacy?  Every boudoir photographer’s policy should be to consider your privacy. At Rhea Lewis Photography, we do ask some clients if they would like to empower other women by signing a model release and sharing their images, but this is never a requirement.

Tip #8 - Whats Included and for How Much

It’s important to know what to expect financially. That doesn’t mean that you look for the cheapest or the most affordable. Consider the criteria you are looking for; experience, specialty, knowledge, guidance, hair and makeup, styling, wardrobe, and most likely a studio dedicated to boudoir photography. Boudoir is a specialty experience and is a luxury. That said, luxury comes at a price based on value. Therefore, expect it to be an investment, just like any other luxury item you may want to purchase (i.e. shoes, handbags, makeup, etc.) Expect to pay $3000 or more for a luxury experience and quality products. 

Consider what is included with this investment. Is it just digital files that will live forever on your hard drive or phone? While you may think this is economical, boudoir is definitely ONE type of photography that you will want to have printed – trust me.  Because of the empowering experience and the boost of confidence a boudoir photoshoot provides, each time you look at your portraits it will remind you of that amazing woman that you are. How much is that kind of therapy worth to you? Consider an album and even a wall portrait from your session too. Why not? You only live once and surrounding yourself with positivity and reminders of your worth and beauty as a woman is a very good thing.

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Top 10 Boudoir Photography South Florida

Top 10 Boudoir Photography South Florida

The best in boudoir photography South Florida

Boudoir photography has been around since the 1920s and through the times and technology have significantly changed, the cultural appreciation of a woman’s beauty has not.  It is the job of the boudoir photographer to capture the beauty of the client in the most flattering way while boosting her self-esteem and immortalizing her feminine power.  More and more women are taking the plunge and having boudoir photos taken. Some are doing the shoot for their significant other while others are on a journey to self-discovery and body love. So many women have said just how empowering and freeing these sessions have been for them and that they have been a transformational point in their life.  Once you have these photos of yourself in your hands you may just find how differently you will view your body. As women, we tend to see all our flaws while others can see our true beauty. Doing a boudoir shoot is a step in helping you see that beauty in yourself too. 

Finding the right boudoir photographer for you is not always easy, as this is a very personal service.  Finding and trusting the right photographer who can provide you with the best quality imagery as well as the kind of transformational experience you are looking for can be a difficult task.

A boudoir photographer should be well trained as a professional photographer and experienced – you want them to know how to utilize their technical skills to be able to capture the best version of you. They should be great at posing, (so that they can demonstrate a pose to you), they should be trustworthy (having many RECENT positive google reviews), and they should be skilled in lighting to showcase your best features (be sure you see women of all ages and body types looking good in their portfolio, and preferably an educational degree in the arts or photography, have a license and be a professionally certified photographer).  They should also have a solid body of work showcasing their talents on a website dedicated to boudoir photography, as well as a social media and Google presence for this type of work.

Therefore, we have curated a list of the most talented boudoir pros from all over south Florida. Finding the perfect boudoir photographer can be like finding a needle in a haystack, which is why we scoured the area for THE TOP TEN BEST BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHERS in South Florida.

#1: Rhea Lewis Photography Studio

Located in Jupiter Florida. 15+ years in business. 45 google reviews. Rhea has a Master of Photography from the Professional Photographers of America.  She is a boudoir photography educator and an award-winning women’s portrait artist. She is a full-time, Certified, Licensed, and Insured Photographer, and had had numerous publications featuring her work in national magazines. She has an all-women team and a 200+ item studio lingerie wardrobe with sizes XS – 5X, accessories, and props. She provides two sets of head-to-toe angel wings for client use. She offers in-studio professional hair and makeup artistry, champagne, and a same-day photo reveal. She is known nationally for her Warrior Goddess project working with breast cancer survivors, and her Fab 50 program for women 50 and up.

#2: Graciela Valdes Fine Art Photography  

Located in Oakland Park Florida. 7+ years in business. 78 google reviews. She photographs a mix of boudoir, business branding, and other commissions including weddings, celebrations, family, maternity, graduation, and product photography. She is a member of PPA, professionally certified by PPA, and has been published in a variety of publications. She provides a planning session and a professional makeup artist.

#3: Liberation Boudoir            

Located in Miami Florida. 10+ years in business. 9 google Reviews. She is an award-winning photographer from Portrait Masters and is a member of Professional Photographers of America. She is a Published Photographer—including Vogue Italia.

She is a Full-time, Professional, Certified, Licensed, Insured Photographer.

#4: Bomshell Boudoir Studios

Located in West Palm Beach Florida and Syracuse New York. 5+ years in business. 43 google reviews. She provides hair and makeup and has a set of angel wings for client use. 2K followers on Instagram.

#5: Stephanie Suarez Boudoir 

Located in West Palm Beach Florida. 3+ years in business. 30 google reviews. She offers hair and makeup artistry, and lunch with her boudoir shoots. She has a set of angel wings for clients to use and is currently offering a “40 over 40” project.

#6: Nice Boudie Studio  

Located in Boynton Beach Florida. 5+ years in business. 46 google reviews. Jamee Fink photographs boudoir, engagements, and weddings. She offers hair and makeup artistry, a client closet wardrobe and same-day photo reveal.

#7: Boudoir by Nikki 

Located in Miami Florida. 7+ years in business. 54 google reviews. This photographer specializes in dark and shadowy boudoir. She offers a wardrobe closet, and professional hair and makeup artistry.

#8: Lynn Dee Photography   

Located in Vero Beach Florida. 3+ years in business. 28 google reviews. She photographs boudoir only. She provides clients with a modest wardrobe closet and hair and makeup artistry for shoots.

#9: Nicole Marie Boudoir

Located in Sebastian Florida. 3+ years in business 47 google reviews. She specializes in shadowy and moody boudoir and intimate portraits for women. She has an all-women staff and offers reveal parties. 

#10: Shannon Griffin Photography  

Located in Deerfield Beach, Florida. 3+ years in business. 11 google reviews. She takes a very artistic and interpretive approach to boudoir and the female form and offers only a limited number of commissioned sessions each year. She photographs weddings, family, and children as well.5

Are you ready to feel empowered and sensual with a boudoir photoshoot?

 Are you ready to be treated like a supermodel for a few hours can help you embrace your beauty and innate sensuality? Once you see your stunning photos, you’ll be blown away by how gorgeous you really are, and those images will always be around to remind you of that and help you rebuild your self-confidence. A boudoir session can be an amazing transformational experience for you and help you see that you’re truly beautiful just as you are. Don’t be afraid to get in front of the camera and strut your stuff at any age or size, while under the guidance of a true professional, you will embark on a journey of self-love you have never experienced before.   

boudoir photography is for every women...


My experience was phenomenal! I felt like a star and amazing in my skin for the first time in a long time. Rhea and her team are remarkable. I would recommend Rhea and her team to any lady that is looking for a safe place to feel like a woman again! 

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Transformational Breast Cancer Survivor Boudoir in South Florida

Transformational Breast Cancer Survivor Boudoir in South Florida

South Florida boudoir for breast cancer survivors

boudoir photographer jupiter fl

Stepping outside your comfort zone is what these sessions are all about. If you listen to Ms M’s video chat with us about her session you will see that it takes a lot if courage to do this..but when you say “yes” to things..then the magic happens! My transformational boudoir shoots show breast cancer survivors and everyday women how empowering boudoir is. 

Yes, we still are accepting nominations for complimentary breast cancer survivor sessions and yes, you can nominate yourself! Click here: https://www.rhealewisphotography.com/breast-cancer-boudoir-services/

Whether you’re a breast cancer survivor or not..all women deserve to reclaim their self-esteem and confidence and see and believe in your beauty, power and sensuality. You see all women have a beautiful inner light of femininity.  By trusting me to guide you through the process of trying on lingerie, finding outfits that accentuate your best features, having your hair and makeup done, sipping champagne and listening to your favorite music.  All you have to do is feel beautiful and pampered.  You will forget your scars.  You will forget that your body looks different.  You will forget that your hair is thinned or looks completely different.  All you will know is that YOU ARE FABULOUS.  I will be there to guide you through the process and treat you like the goddess that you are. And then something will spark inside of you that hasn’t happened in a long time.  

breast cancer survivor boudoir

Some of my favorite quotes from her video:

“Healing happens when you choose to participate in life and you accept what life has given you.”

“I saw for the first time the power that I have as a women and the warrior goddess spirit that I have had through my cancer journey in the pictures that Rhea showed me”

“My unwavering spirit was something that cancer couldn’t touch, Rhea captures that essence of myself”

“I now have this amazing photo book that I can look at and remind myself of the power and the magic that I have.”

“To see your beauty and spirit through someone else’s eyes is truly uplifting”

I have photographed women at various stages in their diagnosis from those just diagnosed to 10-year survivors.  Each and every woman has a powerful story of strength, reliance and renewed love of life and connection.  I have felt so blessed to meet each and every one of these women and their stories of survival and strength have touched me deeply. It’s your turn to feel empowered and more feminine than you ever have. 

what to wear at your boudoir session

what to wear at your boudoir session

If the thought of trying on lingerie CAUSES YOU ANXIETY...we got you!

Let’s talk lingerie for a minute…
If the thought of trying on lingerie causes you anxiety..you’re not alone! 

Most women agree that similar to bathing suit shopping, lingerie shopping can be a very unpleasant experience.  

Maybe you’re considering a boudoir session, but the thought of lingerie shopping is keeping you from taking that next step.  I get that. Really I do! I have suffered through many an unpleasant lingerie shopping experience with nothing fitting properly or looking right on my body type.  And don’t get me started on the dressing room mirrors and lighting! 

But remember ladies, a boudoir session is all about stepping outside your comfort zone and reconnecting with your femininity. Being vulnerable and getting comfortable in your own skin is what the boudoir experience is all about.  So trying on lingerie can be a big first step on your journey of self-love, acceptance ,and boosting your confidence.  

But where do you start?

How do you know what will look good on you?

What if you haven’t had on lingerie in many years? 

I am there for you every step of the way...

From XS to 5X, I keep a fully stocked and ever expanding studio wardrobe closet. I have become somewhat of a lingerie addict over the years…and I absolutely LOVE it!

Having a positive lingerie experience is all part of the boudoir photography experience at Rhea Lewis  Photography studio. This is really important to me! I believe that ALL women, all ages, and all sizes can begin the process of self- love and confidence building by starting with a positive lingerie experience. No need to order online and have to return back and forth to get the right size or style. And no need to have to shop at a store with terrible service. No need for any of that, or any added expense associated with purchasing your own lingerie for your boudoir photoshoot. 

I believe that there is something transformative about how a woman feels about herself when she tries on luxurious lingerie.  And having someone there to guide you through the process, gently push you out of your comfort zone and offer you honest and positive feedback on which pieces look the best on you, is key to that transformation.  I will consider everything discussed at your in person consultation with me; your style, and the 3 words describing how you’d like to feel from your session experience.  I will listen and watch for your reaction to seeing yourself in lingerie and am an expert fitter.   I has learned over the years which styles and lingerie pieces will look best on different body shapes and sizes.  


Bra & Pant Set
Halter top & G-string


I have had years of experience and will guide you through this process. Even if you’ve never thought you could wear a garter belt or a corset, you can try it here!  We have a safe and private space to play dress-up and really explore styles and colors you NEVER would have pulled off the rack!  

I truly believe that ALL women of all ages and sizes can wear lingerie and feel beautiful. I’ll accentuate your best features and minimize those areas of concern or sensitivity.  From XS to 5X in my ever-expanding studio wardrobe, you will have many outfits to choose from. You’ll wind up at the end of your lingerie fitting super excited and ready for your session!


My studio closet wardrobe is just that..a closet!  All closets have accessories..right? Well, my studio closet is no different.  I offer head-to-toe styling with a full collection of shoes, jewelry, thigh highs, body jewelry, masks, furs, shawls, robes, gloves, etc…

Just bring YOU to the session, leave the rest to ME!

can i bring my own lingerie?

Yes, you can. If you have pieces you love and want to wear at your session, you can definitely do that too. If you have your spouse’s shirt, sports jersey, or big sweater, that can be very sexy too!   I  just ask that you send pics of them to me so that I can then provide you with head-to-toe styling. 

We also welcome you to ask us any questions you may have. At Rhea Lewis Boudoir Photography Studio, I am here for you every step of the way. So, if you find yourself questioning something or would like to clarify something, reach out to me. I want you to embrace this life-changing photo shoot and not let anything stand in your way. I am here to reassure you in any way we can, woman to woman.

Are you ready to feel beautiful?

Why Boudoir Photography?

Why Boudoir Photography?

All photos shown in this BLOG post are of me!
photo credit: Tamara Knight Photography

I did not seek out boudoir photography. In fact, quite the opposite. I was an award-winning portrait photographer with over 10 years’ experience when boudoir found me. One of my brides asked me to photograph a boudoir session for her and I said yes. After 10 years of photographing all genres of photography, I figured I could do this one too.  How different could this be from a regular portrait session?  Well, other than the client will be next to naked in front of me and very nervous. From the first moment of my first capture, I felt something very special inside me as an artist and as a woman.  It was like I was watching a flower bloom and I was there to document the metamorphosis. Almost a surreal experience. There she was looking nervous and scared, and there I was encouraging her, guiding her, and helping her feel relaxed, free, sensual, and beautiful. It felt so natural and easy.

The images were breathtaking, so feminine and lovely. When I showed her the back of the camera, she couldn’t believe her eyes. “Who is that?  Is that really me?” She welled up with tears and so did I. “That’s you” I said, “And you are incredibly beautiful”. From then on it was pure magic and I can tell you for sure that when she left from our session, I don’t think her feet were touching the ground. She looked different to me. Her posture was better. She walked differently, she talked differently. She could look at you straight in the eye. She looked like she knew she was beautiful and could finally say that about herself. She looked like a woman full of confidence and owning her beauty. She was transformed.  As she left, I thought, “I did that”. “I did that with my art”, and I don’t think my feet were touching the ground either!

When I realized that, with my photography, I could truly help women believe in their beauty and see themselves differently. To see themselves as “beautiful”, and to rebuild their self-esteem and confidence, it was a game changer.  Because it no longer was about creating a pretty picture. It was about so much more. I had found my true calling as an artist…by accident.

why me?

I know, first-hand, that women are super critical of themselves. That when we look in the mirror, we are looking for flaws.   And that all those insecurities rise to the surface when you shed your clothes and it’s just you, vulnerable you. I get that.

I am that too. In fact, I grew up with very low self-esteem.  I grew up in a large family and being a middle child with a weight problem I felt invisible.   I didn’t get the attention, my pretty, thin, older sister got.   Nobody really looked at me, they looked right through me like I wasn’t even there.   My older sister barely acknowledged me, and my mother constantly compared me to her.  “If I could just lose the weight” she used to say.  To me, this meant, I was unworthy of her love as I was, and most certainly unworthy of my own love for myself.  I share this family portrait because it truly represents how I felt growing up.  This portrait was a large portrait that hung prominently in our home for many years.   You can see that I am out of focus in the front. My mother selected this particular portrait, I am sure the professional photographer had a selection to choose from. She picked the one with me in front, big and blurry.  I look completely out of place, like a last-minute addition,  and somewhat invisible.  Family portraits are meant to foster a sense of belonging and the love of family.   Unfortunately, this one had the opposite effect on me. 

The Transformation

It took me until after I left my childhood house as an adult (23) and on my own that I lost the weight. When men started to look at me, I thought they were looking at someone else.  I kept looking behind me!  It took me a long time to believe what I was seeing in the mirror.  I kept seeing the ugly fat girl, unworthy of a second look.  It was a slow process, but I got there. Finally, able to feel “beautiful”. Finally, being called “beautiful”.   It was a long time before I could accept a compliment and not brush it off.  It was a long time before I felt “beautiful”.  I learned that the word “beautiful’ is a real trigger for me and how it makes me feel about myself.  It has been a long journey of self-acceptance and self-love.  And quite frankly, I still do struggle with this from time to time.   Those negative thoughts do occasionally seep into my head and play those old tapes of unworthiness and self-doubt.   Looking in the mirror and saying out loud that I am “beautiful” is still difficult for me at times.  But what I have learned over the years, is that beauty comes from within.  It isn’t up to anyone else to determine your value, your worth, or whether you are beautiful. It is totally and completely up to you. 

I have come to realize that there is power in beauty and beauty in power.  I have learned just how incredibly resilient women are, and that I am.  We can overcome many obstacles, endure many hardships, and still shine bright.  It is a gift that all women share.  We all have access to a “beautiful” inner light of confidence.

When I was truly able to see my beauty and believe in myself,  I became keenly aware of the beauty of others.  It is exactly why boudoir photography is such a good fit for me.  With my artist’s eye for beauty and my desire to help other women,  it balances all the negative beliefs I had about myself and my past.  Without those trials of confidence in my youth,  I would not be the woman I am today,  nor have the empathy for other women in need of a confidence boost.   I feel incredibly blessed to have found boudoir photography as my career, or should I say,  it found me. 

My boudoir photo shoot 

To be honest,  I was shooting boudoir for 5 years before I was ready to step in front of the camera myself.  I knew I had to do it.  I knew I needed to know what it felt like for my clients. I owed it to them and I owed it to myself.   How could I authentically instill confidence in other women if I wasn’t able to step outside of my own comfort zone?   

So I decided to go to a photographer friend of mine in Orlando, Tamara Knight, and I put my sensitive self-image into her capable hands.   Needless to say, I was riddled with anxiety, all of those old insecurities rose to the surface.   Will I look alright?   Am I too fat?   Am I too old?  I hate my hair.  I hate my body.   All of those silly negative thoughts were spiraling around in my head, and I felt like I was stepping off a cliff!   But Tamara, made me feel comfortable immediately and calmed my nerves, loaded me up with tons of encouragement and compliments, and those tapes in my mind were silenced.   Replaced with positive feelings and thoughts about myself.  I love sharing my portraits from that session.  I love everything about them.   It was validation of everything I was hoping it would be.  And the proof of my growth as a woman and a celebration of my own self-love. 

It’s not selfish to have self-love, it’s necessary in order to become the best possible version of yourself. 

I have been on both sides of the camera in boudoir photography, and I can tell you from experience that when you are with the right professional, the journey is truly transformational. 

Interested in booking a boudoir experience with us?

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Busting Excuses for Boudoir

Busting Excuses for Boudoir

When we feel ourselves getting close to our everyday comfort zone boundaries – we get nervous. Nervous about those unknown activities that we really want to try but aren’t sure if we can do it. By doubting ourselves, the excuses start popping up. Excuses of why you shouldn’t do something. It’s our comfort zone trying to keep us safe. But what if we started to focus on the positive reasons for doing something? What if we began saying all the benefits of stepping outside that comfort zone? That is truly where the magic happens. That is when and where we truly feel alive. Making yourself a priority isn’t selfish, it’s necessary.

 So let’s bust the 5 major excuses we tell ourselves that keep us from experiencing a boudoir session.

Excuse #1: “I don’t look good in photos or selfies”

It’s important to remember that a professional photographer is going to be photographing you. In my case, my specialty is women’s portraiture. Women at any age, women at any size, women at any confidence level. Because I enjoy helping women see the best versions of themselves, their fantasy fabulous selves. Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow is not promised, so I believe it’s important to celebrate who you are right now! I’ll tell you a little secret ladies, every single one of YOU is perfect, just the way you are. That being said, it’s my job to accentuate you best features and to minimize your sensitive areas. I will pose you and use my lighting expertise to light you in the most flattering way, and to take the photo at the correct angle that lets your beauty shine. When you step into my private boudoir studio, you don’t have to know “how to pose” because I will gently guide you through the process with all that I have learned from my experience and education. I always tell my ladies when we begin our sessions to just “feel” and not “think” about the posing, let me handle that, because that is when I can capture you at your most natural and beautiful and when I can capture that beautiful inner light that all women have.

Excuse #2: “I have those extra pounds to lose / Do plus size women even do boudoir?”

Every woman at every stage in their life deserves to feel desirable and beautiful. Only 5% of women look like supermodels in this world. That means that more often than not, we all have a little something that we might be sensitive about concerning our bodies, but that doesn’t mean we are unworthy. A professional boudoir photographer is knowledgeable and experienced to know how to style, pose, and light you in the most flattering way. A plus size, curvy woman, is no different than an extra small, petite woman. I will clue you ladies in on a little secret. You know that they say the camera adds 10 pounds? Well, I am here to tell you that a professional boudoir photographer can reduce you by 20 pounds simply with proper lighting and posing! That’s right! No need to wait and lose those weight, I can make you look amazing just the way you are. Because when a woman has confidence in herself, she holds herself differently.  A confident woman shines her wonderful light on all those around her and we all benefit. When we have positive image of ourselves, our family and friends see it and learn from it and apply it to their lives. You will feel more alive and look back on life and your photos and smile about the amazing life you live.

Excuse #3: “I haven’t tried on lingerie in forever”

If lingerie scares you, let me help you. If you feel that I won’t have anything that will fit you? Have no fear. I have a full lingerie closet from XS to 5X and I have developed a keen eye for knowing what looks great on all body types. I will have something that in my extensive wardrobe closet that you will feel and look beautiful in. I guarantee it! It’s like dress-up time. The lingerie fitting is a fun and safe female-only environment which turns into part of the excitement and confidence-boosting from the moment you walk into my studio. Gone are your worries that “nothing will fit me” because I have already curated all the looks, styles, and colors that will accentuate your beauty and body type. No two women are the same. We pick your favorite looks together. We collaborate on a style and look that is unique to you. Having use of my extensive wardrobe closet for your boudoir sessions means that’s it’s one less thing you have to spend money on, and one less thing you have to worry about. And no worries about accessories either, ladies, I have you covered there too. From pearls, to bling, to thigh highs, to garters, to shoes, we have it all for you. If you have any items you’d like to bring from home, we welcome that too!

Excuse #4: “I don’t have the time”

As women, it seems we never have time for ourselves. We give and give to others around us. But we need to remember that without taking a break and practicing proper self-love time, it is harder for us to get re-energized. When was the last time you took time for yourself? When was the last time you did something that was all about you and no one else? When was the last time YOU were the center of attention and everyone was catering to YOUR needs? Taking a few hours to care for yourself, to focus on self-love is a truly healing process for us all. It re-invigorates and uplifts your spirit. When you plan and schedule around “Me” time, it shows others around you that you are important. In turn, they will feel equally important because you are trying to be the best you that you can be. So, it is ok to take some “Me” time and invest in that time in a boudoir shoot because the positive imagery and affirmation of your beauty helps fill in on those days when you need a pick me up or just want to smile while looking at your photo and say “I did that! And I am Fabulous!”

Excuse #5: “A Boudoir shoot is an Investment; I don’t know if I have the money right now”

A transformational boudoir photo shoot like this is an investment. It is expensive, that is true. Think about what things in your life that have been expensive that you have invested in, computer, furniture, clothing, etc. Things that are disposable or will go out of style. When was the last time you invested your hard-earned money in you? When was the last time your investment paid dividends on how you feel about yourself over time? These boudoir sessions experiences and the portraits created are timeless in that they capture the best version of you here and now. But the best part, is that these memories are frozen in time with beautiful imagery that reaffirms your belief in yourself. A time capsule you can continue to refer back to time and again, reminding you of your awesomeness, value and worth. If you felt empowered during your session (and you will), every time you look at these portraits you will feel empowered and beautiful. Its you..beautiful you. How much is that worth to you? Is it expensive.? Yes. Are you worth it? Yes. Do I offer payment plans? Yes. Because I feel every woman deserves this experience and having these confidence boosting memories. I will work with your budget as best as I can because I believe in You, so let’s do it!

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