Why Boudoir Photography?

Why Boudoir Photography?

All photos shown in this BLOG post are of me!
photo credit: Tamara Knight Photography

I did not seek out boudoir photography. In fact, quite the opposite. I was an award-winning portrait photographer with over 10 years’ experience when boudoir found me. One of my brides asked me to photograph a boudoir session for her and I said yes. After 10 years of photographing all genres of photography, I figured I could do this one too.  How different could this be from a regular portrait session?  Well, other than the client will be next to naked in front of me and very nervous. From the first moment of my first capture, I felt something very special inside me as an artist and as a woman.  It was like I was watching a flower bloom and I was there to document the metamorphosis. Almost a surreal experience. There she was looking nervous and scared, and there I was encouraging her, guiding her, and helping her feel relaxed, free, sensual, and beautiful. It felt so natural and easy.

The images were breathtaking, so feminine and lovely. When I showed her the back of the camera, she couldn’t believe her eyes. “Who is that?  Is that really me?” She welled up with tears and so did I. “That’s you” I said, “And you are incredibly beautiful”. From then on it was pure magic and I can tell you for sure that when she left from our session, I don’t think her feet were touching the ground. She looked different to me. Her posture was better. She walked differently, she talked differently. She could look at you straight in the eye. She looked like she knew she was beautiful and could finally say that about herself. She looked like a woman full of confidence and owning her beauty. She was transformed.  As she left, I thought, “I did that”. “I did that with my art”, and I don’t think my feet were touching the ground either!

When I realized that, with my photography, I could truly help women believe in their beauty and see themselves differently. To see themselves as “beautiful”, and to rebuild their self-esteem and confidence, it was a game changer.  Because it no longer was about creating a pretty picture. It was about so much more. I had found my true calling as an artist…by accident.

why me?

I know, first-hand, that women are super critical of themselves. That when we look in the mirror, we are looking for flaws.   And that all those insecurities rise to the surface when you shed your clothes and it’s just you, vulnerable you. I get that.

I am that too. In fact, I grew up with very low self-esteem.  I grew up in a large family and being a middle child with a weight problem I felt invisible.   I didn’t get the attention, my pretty, thin, older sister got.   Nobody really looked at me, they looked right through me like I wasn’t even there.   My older sister barely acknowledged me, and my mother constantly compared me to her.  “If I could just lose the weight” she used to say.  To me, this meant, I was unworthy of her love as I was, and most certainly unworthy of my own love for myself.  I share this family portrait because it truly represents how I felt growing up.  This portrait was a large portrait that hung prominently in our home for many years.   You can see that I am out of focus in the front. My mother selected this particular portrait, I am sure the professional photographer had a selection to choose from. She picked the one with me in front, big and blurry.  I look completely out of place, like a last-minute addition,  and somewhat invisible.  Family portraits are meant to foster a sense of belonging and the love of family.   Unfortunately, this one had the opposite effect on me. 

The Transformation

It took me until after I left my childhood house as an adult (23) and on my own that I lost the weight. When men started to look at me, I thought they were looking at someone else.  I kept looking behind me!  It took me a long time to believe what I was seeing in the mirror.  I kept seeing the ugly fat girl, unworthy of a second look.  It was a slow process, but I got there. Finally, able to feel “beautiful”. Finally, being called “beautiful”.   It was a long time before I could accept a compliment and not brush it off.  It was a long time before I felt “beautiful”.  I learned that the word “beautiful’ is a real trigger for me and how it makes me feel about myself.  It has been a long journey of self-acceptance and self-love.  And quite frankly, I still do struggle with this from time to time.   Those negative thoughts do occasionally seep into my head and play those old tapes of unworthiness and self-doubt.   Looking in the mirror and saying out loud that I am “beautiful” is still difficult for me at times.  But what I have learned over the years, is that beauty comes from within.  It isn’t up to anyone else to determine your value, your worth, or whether you are beautiful. It is totally and completely up to you. 

I have come to realize that there is power in beauty and beauty in power.  I have learned just how incredibly resilient women are, and that I am.  We can overcome many obstacles, endure many hardships, and still shine bright.  It is a gift that all women share.  We all have access to a “beautiful” inner light of confidence.

When I was truly able to see my beauty and believe in myself,  I became keenly aware of the beauty of others.  It is exactly why boudoir photography is such a good fit for me.  With my artist’s eye for beauty and my desire to help other women,  it balances all the negative beliefs I had about myself and my past.  Without those trials of confidence in my youth,  I would not be the woman I am today,  nor have the empathy for other women in need of a confidence boost.   I feel incredibly blessed to have found boudoir photography as my career, or should I say,  it found me. 

My boudoir photo shoot 

To be honest,  I was shooting boudoir for 5 years before I was ready to step in front of the camera myself.  I knew I had to do it.  I knew I needed to know what it felt like for my clients. I owed it to them and I owed it to myself.   How could I authentically instill confidence in other women if I wasn’t able to step outside of my own comfort zone?   

So I decided to go to a photographer friend of mine in Orlando, Tamara Knight, and I put my sensitive self-image into her capable hands.   Needless to say, I was riddled with anxiety, all of those old insecurities rose to the surface.   Will I look alright?   Am I too fat?   Am I too old?  I hate my hair.  I hate my body.   All of those silly negative thoughts were spiraling around in my head, and I felt like I was stepping off a cliff!   But Tamara, made me feel comfortable immediately and calmed my nerves, loaded me up with tons of encouragement and compliments, and those tapes in my mind were silenced.   Replaced with positive feelings and thoughts about myself.  I love sharing my portraits from that session.  I love everything about them.   It was validation of everything I was hoping it would be.  And the proof of my growth as a woman and a celebration of my own self-love. 

It’s not selfish to have self-love, it’s necessary in order to become the best possible version of yourself. 

I have been on both sides of the camera in boudoir photography, and I can tell you from experience that when you are with the right professional, the journey is truly transformational. 

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Busting Excuses for Boudoir

Busting Excuses for Boudoir

When we feel ourselves getting close to our everyday comfort zone boundaries – we get nervous. Nervous about those unknown activities that we really want to try but aren’t sure if we can do it. By doubting ourselves, the excuses start popping up. Excuses of why you shouldn’t do something. It’s our comfort zone trying to keep us safe. But what if we started to focus on the positive reasons for doing something? What if we began saying all the benefits of stepping outside that comfort zone? That is truly where the magic happens. That is when and where we truly feel alive. Making yourself a priority isn’t selfish, it’s necessary.

 So let’s bust the 5 major excuses we tell ourselves that keep us from experiencing a boudoir session.

Excuse #1: “I don’t look good in photos or selfies”

It’s important to remember that a professional photographer is going to be photographing you. In my case, my specialty is women’s portraiture. Women at any age, women at any size, women at any confidence level. Because I enjoy helping women see the best versions of themselves, their fantasy fabulous selves. Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow is not promised, so I believe it’s important to celebrate who you are right now! I’ll tell you a little secret ladies, every single one of YOU is perfect, just the way you are. That being said, it’s my job to accentuate you best features and to minimize your sensitive areas. I will pose you and use my lighting expertise to light you in the most flattering way, and to take the photo at the correct angle that lets your beauty shine. When you step into my private boudoir studio, you don’t have to know “how to pose” because I will gently guide you through the process with all that I have learned from my experience and education. I always tell my ladies when we begin our sessions to just “feel” and not “think” about the posing, let me handle that, because that is when I can capture you at your most natural and beautiful and when I can capture that beautiful inner light that all women have.

Excuse #2: “I have those extra pounds to lose / Do plus size women even do boudoir?”

Every woman at every stage in their life deserves to feel desirable and beautiful. Only 5% of women look like supermodels in this world. That means that more often than not, we all have a little something that we might be sensitive about concerning our bodies, but that doesn’t mean we are unworthy. A professional boudoir photographer is knowledgeable and experienced to know how to style, pose, and light you in the most flattering way. A plus size, curvy woman, is no different than an extra small, petite woman. I will clue you ladies in on a little secret. You know that they say the camera adds 10 pounds? Well, I am here to tell you that a professional boudoir photographer can reduce you by 20 pounds simply with proper lighting and posing! That’s right! No need to wait and lose those weight, I can make you look amazing just the way you are. Because when a woman has confidence in herself, she holds herself differently.  A confident woman shines her wonderful light on all those around her and we all benefit. When we have positive image of ourselves, our family and friends see it and learn from it and apply it to their lives. You will feel more alive and look back on life and your photos and smile about the amazing life you live.

Excuse #3: “I haven’t tried on lingerie in forever”

If lingerie scares you, let me help you. If you feel that I won’t have anything that will fit you? Have no fear. I have a full lingerie closet from XS to 5X and I have developed a keen eye for knowing what looks great on all body types. I will have something that in my extensive wardrobe closet that you will feel and look beautiful in. I guarantee it! It’s like dress-up time. The lingerie fitting is a fun and safe female-only environment which turns into part of the excitement and confidence-boosting from the moment you walk into my studio. Gone are your worries that “nothing will fit me” because I have already curated all the looks, styles, and colors that will accentuate your beauty and body type. No two women are the same. We pick your favorite looks together. We collaborate on a style and look that is unique to you. Having use of my extensive wardrobe closet for your boudoir sessions means that’s it’s one less thing you have to spend money on, and one less thing you have to worry about. And no worries about accessories either, ladies, I have you covered there too. From pearls, to bling, to thigh highs, to garters, to shoes, we have it all for you. If you have any items you’d like to bring from home, we welcome that too!

Excuse #4: “I don’t have the time”

As women, it seems we never have time for ourselves. We give and give to others around us. But we need to remember that without taking a break and practicing proper self-love time, it is harder for us to get re-energized. When was the last time you took time for yourself? When was the last time you did something that was all about you and no one else? When was the last time YOU were the center of attention and everyone was catering to YOUR needs? Taking a few hours to care for yourself, to focus on self-love is a truly healing process for us all. It re-invigorates and uplifts your spirit. When you plan and schedule around “Me” time, it shows others around you that you are important. In turn, they will feel equally important because you are trying to be the best you that you can be. So, it is ok to take some “Me” time and invest in that time in a boudoir shoot because the positive imagery and affirmation of your beauty helps fill in on those days when you need a pick me up or just want to smile while looking at your photo and say “I did that! And I am Fabulous!”

Excuse #5: “A Boudoir shoot is an Investment; I don’t know if I have the money right now”

A transformational boudoir photo shoot like this is an investment. It is expensive, that is true. Think about what things in your life that have been expensive that you have invested in, computer, furniture, clothing, etc. Things that are disposable or will go out of style. When was the last time you invested your hard-earned money in you? When was the last time your investment paid dividends on how you feel about yourself over time? These boudoir sessions experiences and the portraits created are timeless in that they capture the best version of you here and now. But the best part, is that these memories are frozen in time with beautiful imagery that reaffirms your belief in yourself. A time capsule you can continue to refer back to time and again, reminding you of your awesomeness, value and worth. If you felt empowered during your session (and you will), every time you look at these portraits you will feel empowered and beautiful. Its you..beautiful you. How much is that worth to you? Is it expensive.? Yes. Are you worth it? Yes. Do I offer payment plans? Yes. Because I feel every woman deserves this experience and having these confidence boosting memories. I will work with your budget as best as I can because I believe in You, so let’s do it!

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Our women’s only Facebook Group is all about women uplifting each other. We share our hopes, dreams, inspiration, successes and losses. We are a sisterhood of strong women willing to lend a helping hand to each other and enrich each other’s lives. 

Exist in Portraits

breast cancer boudoirPictures Can Be Artifacts to the Past

Do you take pleasure in taking images and gathering the pictures in scrapbooks, picture albums or online by themselves unique location?
Obviously you do! Many people do and they like to take image after image of whatever from a random night out with pals, to photos of their household and kids to pictures of their trips to every corner of the world.

Why do we take photos? Well, take a look at the reasons you like taking pictures. You like to take pictures due to the fact that it is a reminder of the great times and the hard times. In essence, images act as your own historic artifact to the past and permit you to bear in mind occasions and memories that fade with the passing years.

Why you should consider professional portraits

  • Portraits are individual artifacts that tell the story of you. Portraits can capture a feeling and document a time in your life. Professional photographers take your picture artifacts to the next level and develop a history of you that can be seen for many years to come by you, your family, your friends and future generations.
  • Keeping up with professional portraits let the images tell the entire story. Do not miss out on a chance to take portraits often. Occasions such as an unique birthday, getting rid of an individual obstacle, or perhaps reaching a weight-loss objective all should be celebrated and catching that minute on film is an effective, self-affirming method way to do it. . 
  • Pass on the significance of portraits to your household and friends. They will probably not understand the significance of producing photo artifacts, however you will be giving them a beautiful artifact to remember you by. Portraits allow you to share a memory with them. The professional portraiture we provide are ageless and classy.
  • Taking portraits is most likely among the most satisfying and enjoyable things you can do in your life. Once you see the result of our professional hair & makeup, pampering and gentle coaching, you will be so happy to see how beautiful you really are. Appreciating and documenting your inner beauty is self-affirming and boosts confidence. Professional portraiture is not just for others, it is for you as well.

Improving Self Confidence and Self Esteem for a Better You

breast cancer boudoirWith no cause for an argument, everyone would concur that with a bit more self self-confidence,  an individual can raise their self worth. They can end up being a much better individual with more belief in his/her self. You can see the world in an entire brand-new viewpoint and your self self-confidence is a huge consideration.

The advantages of having actually a reinforced self-confidence are limitless, however lacking it can imprison you in a drab life. You might never ever understand the complete level of your capacity.

Structure your Self Confidence and Self Esteem

The real secret to getting self-confidence and self esteem is to think of yourself. For some individuals this might be really hard, specifically if they grew up in an environment with out much genuine love and assistance. Regular portraiture photography can help establish your self confidence and self love.

Focusing and establishing the skills you remain strong in will let you have confidence in your abilities. The more you see an element in your life that you are excellent in, you can value yourself and be happy. Allowing to see yourself beautiful and confident in portraits can do this.

As you develop your self self-confidence, an excellent method to establish it is to evaluate and challenge yourself gradually and slowly. The more obstacles you dominate the much better you will feel about yourself. So once you become comfortable with beautiful portraits of yourself, you might become even more comfortable with boudoir photography and seeing the true inner and outer beauty you possess.

No requirement to wait, you can begin developing self-confidence and self-esteem today, an universe waits on those who thinks and likes themself.

Wearing The Right Lingerie Can Boost Your Confidence When Booking A Boudoir Photography Session

Unlike typical photography session where you can simply strike a pose or give the photographer the sweetest of smiles, boudoir photography is something that not all women can do. The fact that you’re partially clothed is enough to make you feel conscious about the photoshoot. Unless, of course, you put your trust in experts like boudoir photographer Palm Beach company, you can be sure you’ll get great results. You may not be comfortable with your own skin. Some would even wish they were slimmer or maybe curvier. So how do you make the photoshoot as enjoyable as possible? It all boils down to confidence and wearing the lingerie that fits perfectly.

Confidence is the new Sexy

As you flip through each page of a magazine, what is the first thing that usually comes to mind? Maybe you wished to be like the models with a well-sculpted body. We perceive these models to be the epitome of beauty. They can be confident regardless of the type of outfit they wear. They look attractive even without minor tweaking. You don’t have to emulate these models to be confident in a sexy photo shoot. You just need their confidence. So how can you gain that confidence and rock your very first sexy photo shoot?

It pays off to get comfortable with the photographer. It’s important that you feel at ease with the photographer even if you’re a bit nervous. A professional photographer will bring out the best in you until you perceive the session to be fun and exciting.

It's all about the Pose

palm beach boudoirA sexy photoshoot doesn’t focus on the lingerie you’re wearing. It can contribute to the overall sexiness of the photo, but the most important factor that influences the success of boudoir photography is your body language and facial expression. If you want to pull it off even by just wearing an oversized shirt, your sexiness will be evident in each click of the camera. It’s your facial expression or suggestive pose that will send a message of the level of sexiness you have. Your lingerie is just a prop. You set the tempo.

Don't forget the Sex Appeal

Sexiness comes in all shapes and sizes. Sound like a cliche, but it’s true! It’s all in the sex appeal. The iconic sex symbol Marilyn Monroe proves that sexiness is not solely defined by your figure. You can be a size 0 and still look unappealing. There are many ways you can feel sexy. You don’t have to feel exactly like Marilyn Monroe. So long as you’re confident and you know what you’re doing, you’re good. There are times when you don’t feel comfortable in your body. Be honest about it. Tell your boudoir photographer what you don’t like about your body so he or she can downplay your flaws and enhance your assets.

Utilize the lenses, light, and poses

A good boudoir photographer knows how to utilize his or her resources to get the best out of the photoshoot model. Professional photographers have the talent to see the lines, shapes, and light in a whole different way. They know which part of your body to enhance, drawing the attention away from your imperfections. If it’s glamour shoot, you’ll need to invest in professional boudoir photographer Palm Beach services so you can get the best outcome.

Preparing for the actual photoshoot

Whatever your reason for considering boudoir photography whether it’s to surprise your husband or to celebrate your confidence, a professional photographer will be able to make you feel irresistible and sexy. While boudoir photography is often deemed as something that’s focused on intimacy, it’s also about getting in touch with your inner sensual self. So how can you get the most out of each session?

  • Be in the right mental and emotional state
    Before you start your sexy photoshoot, make sure that you’re not upset or stressed out because these emotions will show through your photographs. Instead of letting your viewers focus on this seductive photoshoot, you’ll leave them wondering why you look nervous. If you need a few minutes to collect your thoughts, tell the photographer about it.
  • Dress up
    A sexy photoshoot won’t be complete without choosing the clothing style that matches your mood. If the theme is sexy, choose the lingerie that goes well with the theme. Find a way to be sexy.
  • Choose lingerie that will make you more confident in your own skin. There’s a full selection of clothing, props, and accessories available at the studio. You can also buy your own from the lingerie store.
  • Make your hair and makeup count
    The most important part of the entire process is to wear the right hair and makeup. You need to be seductive during boudoir photography. It will certainly be a huge advantage if your hair and makeup can get you into character.
  • Have Fun
    You need to have fun during the photo shoot, but be sure that you’re still in character. Express your personality’s sensual side and if ever you feel unsure of your poses, your photographer will serve as your guide.

What to wear for boudoir photography?

  • boudoir south floridaBras
    There are many different types of bras to consider, but there are some key rules you need to consider during the selection process. It’s not practically rocket science. You just need to remember that when choosing bras, you have to see to it that it fits you well. Regardless of the color, material or amount of padding, it won’t make you special if it’s baggy or pinching. While it can be tempting to wear a push-up bra, it just doesn’t work for boudoir photography. Instead of accentuating your gorgeous figure, they do the opposite. Try the lace bralette or sexy demi cup. They have a way of enhancing your natural confidence. A balconette bra is also the way to go because it lifts and supports your natural figure. 
  • Bustiers and corsets
    Bustiers and corsets can give you that extra confidence during a photoshoot. Corsets usually have a lace up back to make your waist smaller and your curves fuller. It also gives your body an hourglass shape making sure that curves are in the right places. Bustiers have less boning, but they have a cup for the bust to give your breasts a boost. Bustiers and corsets are ideal for women who want to tuck their tummy and give their bust extra support.
  • Stockings and garters
    You can buy underwear that comes with built-in garters. There are also stockings which you can consider as a great addition to the photoshoot. The garters you choose shouldn’t be too tight as it will create a muffin top in your thigh area.
  • boudoir south floridaClothing
    A sexy photoshoot is not just about wearing underwear, bras or knickers. You can also wear leather jackets to make your look more fabulous. A pair of ripped jeans goes well with a bra and heels.
  • Heels
    Catwalk sized heels have the power to elongate your legs, which make you feel much sexier. You can choose from a nude or a black pair. The rule of thumb for wearing heels during a sexy photoshoot is that the bigger, the better.
  • Bridal
    Bridal shots are gorgeous, especially if you add a seductive combination of veil and garter. A set of lace ivory works well. One of the challenges of booking yourself boudoir photography is choosing the perfect outfit for the photo shoot. You’ll need to tap into your creativity so you can find the best option that will accentuate your best asset. There are endless options, but which ones are ideal for you?

You can’t buy sexy pieces of clothing unless you are fully aware of your body type. You need to be honest with yourself so you can find the perfect outfit or lingerie you’ll wear in a photo shoot. So where do you begin?

Let’s face it. Not everyone can flaunt a slim figure like that of a mannequin. This doesn’t mean that boudoir photography is only for women with an hour-glass body shape. You’ll need to shop for the outfit that will define your personality. You need to understand the type of body you have before you try that boudoir apparel on.

What's your body type?

Pear Shaped: For pear-shaped women, the emphasis will be on the buttocks. This is why when shopping for boudoir outfit consider lingerie that accentuates your asset and make you lower half slimmer. Be careful though, some sexy outfits can make your lower half look cut off. You can go for a sheer long slip which gives your body to be on full display while also hiding your imperfections.

Apple shaped: The apple shaped women have broad and sexy shoulders. For this body type, the outfit should bring emphasis to the upper body. Strapless ensembles or tube tops that leave your shoulders bare are great choices. You can also play around with halter tops, sleeveless outfits or spaghetti straps.

Athletic shaped: For women with lean build, wearing a two-piece lingerie can benefit your body during a boudoir photo shoot. A set of two-piece outfit emphasizes your leaner and longer abdomen. Athletic shaped women lack defining hips and larger curves. That said, they need to add a garter belt for the hips to be more defined.

Curvy shaped: Showing off your figure and curves can make the boudoir photography Palm Beach services even more exciting. With this body type, it’s important that you know what you’re going to wear. A pair of high waisted panties can highlight your curves. You can also consider a bold photo by using your arms as a prop when you pose topless. You can also wear a bralette if the pose is too risky for you.

Tall: If you’re tall, the emphasis is on the legs. Show them off by wearing a short slip or a baby doll. It’s essential to know the details of your body so you can find the right lingerie set. Whether it’s your legs or torso, going for a set of sexy outfit that will expose your lean legs will definitely make the cut.

Well-fitted lingerie-why does it matter?

sexy boudoir south floridaNow that you have an idea of your body type, the next step is to find the size that’s right for you. Custom fittings and alterations are much better because they give you a nice silhouette, which boosts your confidence. Not only do they accentuate your best parts, but they also make your figure more flattering.

Your lingerie may not be a piece of clothing but they are still considered as an integral part of your outfit. Without them, you can’t complete your appearance. Since they offer comfort and undoubtedly a confidence booster, wearing an ill-fitting bra is every woman’s worst nightmare. Wearing the perfect lingerie will also make the session tantamount to photogratherapy.

This is true if you’re going to book a boudoir photoshoot. You need a bra that’s made for your style and body. While ready-made sexy outfit might be the quickest way to show off your figure in a sexy photo shoot, there might be a feeling of awkwardness knowing that some sizes may not be right for you.

Regardless of your shape and size, what you wear can affect your self-esteem. So if you’re impressed by the way you look, you’ll also automatically impress others as well. Did you know that when you wear the right underwear, it will also make you feel beautiful? You might want to buy colors that fit your mood.

A boudoir photo shoot should make you feel feminine and with lovely lingerie, you’ll be able to achieve that. It also lets you own your personal power. So don’t be shy to indulge in some sexy sets of lingerie. It’s totally worth it. You just need a professional boudoir photographer Palm Beach company so you can rock that sexy photo shoot.

How Boudoir Photography Helps Women Psychologically Recover From Breast Cancer Diagnosis

The moment you receive your breast cancer diagnosis is the moment that your life changes forever. Cue the countless doctor’s appointments, long treatments, and restless nights. While the doctors and treatments will treat your physical body and take you to the limits to heal you, your mental state stays focused on survival.  When the treatments end and you get back to living your life…you’ve changed. What identifies you as a woman has forever changed. Having endured or are enduring a significant life altering event changes every fiber of your being, physically and mentally. Now the doctors are doing all they can to physically heal you, but psychologically, the essence of who you are as a woman is changing.  It will take some time to get comfortable with this new version of yourself.

Now, a boudoir shoot might not be the first thing on your mind when you think of celebrating your triumph over cancer, but it’s become an increasingly recognized  as a way for women to regain their self-confidence after a long, hard battle with breast cancer.

How do women’s empowerment and boudoir photography come into play when you’re a breast cancer survivor? Here are some ways having a boudoir photo session can help you in your recovery.

vintage boudoir south florida
sexy boudoir south florida

Share your Story

When you come in for a photo shoot, it’s not all about getting your makeup done and posing for photos. We encourage you to share your journey with us – you are more than just a client, you’re a full, complex, beautiful human being with a story worth listening to. And, as they say, a problem shared is 50% solved.

We are inspired by your spirit and courage, and we’re sure that everyone who sees your photos will feel the same way. Sharing what you have gone through gives hope and strength to other breast cancer patients in their time of need. Your photos will become a bright light that inspires other women to keep a fighting spirit in their own lives.

Make new and stronger Connections

boudoir south florida
women empowerment

Posing in sensual lingerie or in semi-nude photos can make you feel pretty vulnerable, both physically and emotionally, but being vulnerable is a great way to make meaningful connections and strengthen your relationships with others. It becomes a beautiful moment that you can share and bond over, and they get to know you deeply in a way they have never known you before. Shedding your clothing is allowing yourself to be seen as a sensual and beautiful woman again by letting your inner light shine. It is very empowering and opens you up to receiving positive feedback on the essence of who you are as a woman.

Boudoir connects people in a way that many other things cannot. Not only do you get a wonderful new support group – your fabulous photography/makeup/styling team plus the people who may happen upon your photos – but you also open yourself up in a new way to the people who are already in your life.  Many women have not been intimate since their diagnosis when survival was first and foremost. Boudoir opens you up to the sensual part of your being and allows you to reconnect with your femininity. This re-connection to this part of who you are as a woman changes how you see yourself and how others perceive you, allowing those you love to reconnect with you on this level and start rebuilding intimacy.

Feel beautiful, strong, and sexy Again

Having breast cancer takes a huge physical and emotional toll. The treatments are usually difficult and tiring, many women endure chemotherapy and have many surgeries which affect their appearance and self-identity as women. it’s inevitable that these factors and the exhaustion, stress and changes in hormones will take its toll on your body.  This long and arduous process causes many breast cancer survivors to become insecure and feel unattractive. The bodies they’ve known and loved for so long are different and foreign now.

Boudoir photography sessions are so healing because they provide a safe and positive space to allow you forget about all of your scars and body changes.  None of those things matter because it’s all about just encouraging you with positivity. They focus on your beauty and femininity and help you regain your confidence as a women. .

Nothing makes you feel more glamorous than a whole team of people fussing over your makeup and wardrobe. Your breast cancer boudoir shoot is all about the gorgeous goddess that is YOU – and you deserve to see yourself in that light.

We believe that boudoir is especially powerful because it proves that you don’t need to fit into society’s strict (and honestly unattainable) idea of “perfect” to be absolutely stunning. A beautiful woman isn’t defined by her hair or her breasts, but by her soul and radiant joy.

Boudoir photography can make you feel at home in your new bodies, embrace yourselves flaws and all, and reconnect with your femininity in a very spiritual way. Most of all, boudoir is for everyone – young, old, stout, thin, and breast cancer survivor alike.

There is power in beauty and beauty in power and this new woman that you have become is amazingly powerful.

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feminine boudoir south florida
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Capture an important time in your Life

feminine boudoir south florida

It’s an understatement to say that breast cancer completely changes your life – nothing will ever be the same. That’s why it’s so important to keep grounded even though things around you may feel chaotic. Many women decide to do a boudoir shoot before and during their treatment so that they can honor their bodies and celebrate them as they go through these changes.

Many women also choose to have their boudoir shoot after they’ve beaten cancer. It’s a great way to celebrate your strength and to help you gain a sense of pride in the new powerful woman you have become. If nothing else, your boudoir shoot will be a lifelong reminder that you faced the worst – and it didn’t define who you are as a woman, your femininity is still intact and you won.

Boudoir shoots are empowering and beneficial for all women, but it takes on a whole new level of meaning for women who are breast cancer survivors. It can help you reclaim your beauty, find your voice, and discover a whole new (and improved!) side of yourself.

Experience the therapeutic, transformative power of boudoir photography.  We don’t know what the future will bring but we can celebrate our here and now, feel it’s power and live life to the fullest by being the most authentic version of yourself. There will be days when we need that boost of confidence and see ourselves as confident and powerful women.   Book your session now with a qualified boudoir photographer.