Pre-Session Preparation & Consultation

Once you have contacted us by phone or email, and are ready to book your session, we will get you scheduled for an in person pre-session consultation where we can chat and get to know one another.  We realize that this type of session is outside of most women’s comfort zone, and that trust is essential to the overall experience, so we want you to feel comfortable with us and make sure we are a good fit for you.


If meeting in person isn’t convenient for you then we’ll setup a Screen Share meeting where we can meet online and get to know one another that way.  I’ll ask you some questions about yourself and let you get to know me and my approach to boudoir photography.  If all is good, then we’ll go about designing your dream session.  We’ll talk wardrobe and if desired we’ll have a custom lingerie fitting.  Our studio carries a lovely french inspired lingerie line that we can custom fit for you for purchase so that you will have some beautiful additions to your lingerie closet after our session.  You are also welcome to use our studio wardrobe or bring some of your own!  We can always mix and match so that you look your best and feel beautiful.

Once we have custom designed a session for you, we’ll get you booked on our calendar.  Our creative/session fee is due at that time to secure your date and time booked.


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