Why You Should Consider Bridal Boudoir

The normal girl doesn’t dream about being photographed in their underwear. For most women, that sounds terrifying actually! There is so much media scrutiny on the “perfect body” and fitting impossible beauty standards, that in recent times, exposing your body without that favorite top that makes your stomach look flat or those favorite pair of jeans that make your butt look good sounds extremely daunting to most brides.

Bridal boudoir is the total opposite of your expectations.

How can we say that so confidently? Imagine spending 2 hours with our glam squad who honestly and sincerely think you are beautiful. We are far from what is considered “models” (in the industry) ourselves. We are normal women, who have lived life and understand that beauty comes is so many forms, shapes and sizes. We make sure you know you are beautiful and that every woman has beautiful features about her body. So what if you are plus-sized? So what if you have stretch marks? So what if you have a few scars? Your body is a testament to who YOU are and YOUR experiences. We understand that bridal boudoir photography is about how you FEEL.

Discover how comfortable you can be with yourself. We know the right poses, the right hair, the right makeup and the right lingerie to make you shine like the beauty you are.

Here’s what you get to take away from a bridal boudoir session:

  • Being comfortable in your own body
  • Compliments on the beautiful features of your body and emphasizing them
  • Boost in self esteem
  • Excuse to buy some special lingerie
  • Self-love

Not to mention, your fiancee will absolutely love it!

So go ahead, book your bridal boudoir shoot today. You won’t regret it!

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