Experiencing Beauty from Within by Jupiter Boudoir

Have you always wanted to have a boudoir photo session but never had the nerve and now you think it’s too late?  What if I could convince you that it’s never too late to celebrate yourself and re-connect with your beautiful inner light?

Jupiter Boudoir is all about encouraging women to experience this feeling of empowerment at any age in their lives.  We photograph women through the eyes of a women, a women who can help them feel comfortable, relaxed and pampered.  And who can really help them to truly be able to express their own essence of sensuality, no matter what their age or size.  This recent testimonial below from Jennifer S. who participated in our last Women to Women Event sums this up perfectly..

What convinced you to go ahead and do this photo session with me?

I saw your ad on Facebook and it spoke to me (ie, right place, right time in my life). I decided it was time to finally “celebrate myself” (as 40+ year old divorced woman with an IVF pregnancy on the horizon) – especially since I did not document other important milestones properly. (None of my professional wedding photos had any portrait shots of just me!).

 Did you struggle with this decision?

Absolutely. It is expensive (but worth the end product!), and because I don’t like being the center of attention. I also felt a little narcissistic!

 How did you feel at the beginning of your session?

Nervous! I worried about everything and didn’t sleep the night prior. (I was worried about being documented so closely, and the clothes I chose, who would see me in my skivvies, and even just smiling for the camera!). Again, I felt so narcissistic and it was uncomfortable!

 How did you feel at the end of your session?

Relaxed, more confident, and happy! (The champagne helped a lot, as did your helpful team of women!).

 What are 3 words you would use to describe your experience?

Amazing! Movie star-ish! Confidence-boosting! (I wish it lasted longer).

 What did you think when you first saw your images?

Overwhelmed (in a good way) and extremely happy I did it.

 How did your loved ones respond to the images?

They only saw one so far, but most were speechless (in a good way)! (I come from New England – we don’t “talk” about things like this. Again, it comes off as narcissistic!).

 Do you feel any different about yourself after going through this experience?

Absolutely! I now understand why women take the time to actually do their hair/makeup/outfits properly. It made me feel like a million bucks (and this is completely independent of how people react to I appear!). I have only ever had professional hair and makeup done for my wedding before…

 Did going through this experience impact your life in any way?

Absolutely. I am more interested in lingerie now (ha!) and in taking the time to pull myself together more every day. It shifted how I view myself! Thank you!

You can add to that last question that “I will do it again for sure!”.



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