How Boudoir Photography Can Make You Comfortable In Your Own Skin

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Have you made one yet? Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror, heaving a long sigh, wishing you were somebody else? Being stuck in the same body and mind may frustrate you, especially if you tend to compare yourself with others.

women empowermentAre you thinking about hiring a boudoir photographer in Palm Beach Gardens for a boudoir session? Maybe you decided to postpone it because you thought you were not good enough to even pose for a photoshoot. Being uncomfortable in your own skin is a common struggle and no matter how others try to build your confidence, you can be your own worst critic.

There might be some factors in your life that you’re discontent with. Whether it’s your job that doesn’t pay much or your personal struggles in life, the standards that you hold yourself based on what you see on social media will cause you to hate yourself. Although those are impossible standards, you still choose to cling to them because that’s what social media, magazines, and TV shows tell you to do. Instead of having the time of your life, you prefer to feel guilty because of your inadequacy.

It’s okay to have a higher self-regard. Can you still remember the time when you made a mistake that you couldn’t forgive yourself for it? You might be too harsh, telling yourself that you’re a failure. Putting yourself down is a common reaction when you feel that you fall short of expectations. But imagine this: can you say the same thing to the people you care about? Now’s the time to end that cycle of negativity.

Developing Self-Compassion

Ending negativity can be a challenge if you have been entangled in its web for such a long time. Low self-esteem, self-hatred and negativity can swallow you whole. If you combat these actions with self-compassion, you’ll be able to treat yourself more kindly. Even despite shortcomings, you surround yourself with supporters instead of criticism. Think of a friend who just got fired from his/her job.

How would you react? Would you chastise your friend just because he/she loses his/her job? Would you provide comfort and encourage them instead? Showing compassion to yourself enables you to be kinder. It’s not only you who experiences pain and rejections in life. Others are also struggling like you.

Self-compassion has core components

  1. Be kind to yourself: Show warmth to yourself and accept that you’re human. You make mistakes.You’re not perfect. You too have flaws and imperfections. Don’t deal with disappointments by criticizing yourself.
  2. Be mindful: Many individuals have unrealistic expectations of themselves. When those expectations are not met, they blame themselves for not being good enough, for not being smart enough, for not being pretty enough. Set realistic expectations and celebrate milestones.

When you're battling with your Self-Esteem

One way that will deter you from embracing yourself and the imperfections that come with it is the issue with your self-esteem. When you have low self-esteem, you would always find yourself striving to be better. You criticize yourself incessantly, downplaying your positive traits while magnifying your flaws. Day in and day out, you only see your shortcomings and its talons. Those negative self-talks are consuming you. Despite of wanting to be in a boudoir photoshoot, you choose to shy away from that dream.

When you let negative self-talk control you, it can leave a significant damage to your life. The struggle can also be immense. Unless you confront your inner demons, you won’t become the better version of yourself. Unless you view your mistakes as an opportunity to improve, you won’t be able to know your worth.

Build your confidence

sexy boudoir south floridaAs much as you would like to spread your wings and fly, those voices inside your head telling you that you’re not good enough can clip your wings before you could even fly high. Your mind is clouded by doubts and fears until you start believing that you don’t have what it takes to be good. No matter how you try to tell yourself that you’re  confident despite your imperfections, your inner critic is there to spoil the moment.

When you’re confident and comfortable in your own skin, anything is possible. There are no restrictions and you’re not afraid to push yourself to the limits. Building your confidence doesn’t happen immediately. It takes time. Each morning, look at yourself in the mirror. Find three things you love about yourself.

Write them down. The more you learn to appreciate yourself, the quicker you’ll be able to build your confidence. Even supermodels have their own insecurities, but they turn their insecurities into their greatest assets. If you want something so bad like hiring boudoir photography Palm Beach Gardens, go ahead. Don’t let your doubts stop you.

Stop worrying about it

Have you made a mistake that you worry too much that someone might laugh at you? Are you overthinking? If you always find yourself preoccupied even with the little things that didn’t go as planned, you’re being mean to yourself. You project what you perceive. If you focus on problems instead of the solution, you’ll be attracting more negativity than positivity. Soon, you’ll believe these perceptions and instead of trying, all the negative thinking will stop you from believing in yourself.

Fake it until you make it

If you perceive yourself to be strong, this perception will manifest and soon you will see yourself as a strong person that you perceive yourself to be. Having a healthy mindset is important in becoming more confident in your own skin. Instead of doubting yourself, start believing that you can do all things. Your mind is powerful and if you don’t have a healthy mindset, it becomes harder for you to accept yourself. If you are booked yourself for a boudoir photoshoot, don’t hesitate. Don’t let your imperfections hinder you from doing what you want to do.

Be Empowered

white sheets boudoirEmpower yourself through positive thought. Embrace the power of photogratherapy. You won’t believe what the mind can do in making you person with confidence. Think of happy thoughts. You have a unique body, extraordinary trait and awesome character that deserve nothing but praises and admiration. Own it. Be confident. Don’t let your insecurities hold you back from doing what you love. Go ahead and book that boudoir photography in Palm Beach Gardens session.

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