How Boudoir Photography Helps Women Psychologically Recover From Breast Cancer Diagnosis

The moment you receive your breast cancer diagnosis is the moment that your life changes forever. Cue the countless doctor’s appointments, long treatments, and restless nights. While the doctors and treatments will treat your physical body and take you to the limits to heal you, your mental state stays focused on survival.  When the treatments end and you get back to living your life…you’ve changed. What identifies you as a woman has forever changed. Having endured or are enduring a significant life altering event changes every fiber of your being, physically and mentally. Now the doctors are doing all they can to physically heal you, but psychologically, the essence of who you are as a woman is changing.  It will take some time to get comfortable with this new version of yourself.

Now, a boudoir shoot might not be the first thing on your mind when you think of celebrating your triumph over cancer, but it’s become an increasingly recognized  as a way for women to regain their self-confidence after a long, hard battle with breast cancer.

How do women’s empowerment and boudoir photography come into play when you’re a breast cancer survivor? Here are some ways having a boudoir photo session can help you in your recovery.

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Share your Story

When you come in for a photo shoot, it’s not all about getting your makeup done and posing for photos. We encourage you to share your journey with us – you are more than just a client, you’re a full, complex, beautiful human being with a story worth listening to. And, as they say, a problem shared is 50% solved.

We are inspired by your spirit and courage, and we’re sure that everyone who sees your photos will feel the same way. Sharing what you have gone through gives hope and strength to other breast cancer patients in their time of need. Your photos will become a bright light that inspires other women to keep a fighting spirit in their own lives.

Make new and stronger Connections

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Posing in sensual lingerie or in semi-nude photos can make you feel pretty vulnerable, both physically and emotionally, but being vulnerable is a great way to make meaningful connections and strengthen your relationships with others. It becomes a beautiful moment that you can share and bond over, and they get to know you deeply in a way they have never known you before. Shedding your clothing is allowing yourself to be seen as a sensual and beautiful woman again by letting your inner light shine. It is very empowering and opens you up to receiving positive feedback on the essence of who you are as a woman.

Boudoir connects people in a way that many other things cannot. Not only do you get a wonderful new support group – your fabulous photography/makeup/styling team plus the people who may happen upon your photos – but you also open yourself up in a new way to the people who are already in your life.  Many women have not been intimate since their diagnosis when survival was first and foremost. Boudoir opens you up to the sensual part of your being and allows you to reconnect with your femininity. This re-connection to this part of who you are as a woman changes how you see yourself and how others perceive you, allowing those you love to reconnect with you on this level and start rebuilding intimacy.

Feel beautiful, strong, and sexy Again

Having breast cancer takes a huge physical and emotional toll. The treatments are usually difficult and tiring, many women endure chemotherapy and have many surgeries which affect their appearance and self-identity as women. it’s inevitable that these factors and the exhaustion, stress and changes in hormones will take its toll on your body.  This long and arduous process causes many breast cancer survivors to become insecure and feel unattractive. The bodies they’ve known and loved for so long are different and foreign now.

Boudoir photography sessions are so healing because they provide a safe and positive space to allow you forget about all of your scars and body changes.  None of those things matter because it’s all about just encouraging you with positivity. They focus on your beauty and femininity and help you regain your confidence as a women. .

Nothing makes you feel more glamorous than a whole team of people fussing over your makeup and wardrobe. Your breast cancer boudoir shoot is all about the gorgeous goddess that is YOU – and you deserve to see yourself in that light.

We believe that boudoir is especially powerful because it proves that you don’t need to fit into society’s strict (and honestly unattainable) idea of “perfect” to be absolutely stunning. A beautiful woman isn’t defined by her hair or her breasts, but by her soul and radiant joy.

Boudoir photography can make you feel at home in your new bodies, embrace yourselves flaws and all, and reconnect with your femininity in a very spiritual way. Most of all, boudoir is for everyone – young, old, stout, thin, and breast cancer survivor alike.

There is power in beauty and beauty in power and this new woman that you have become is amazingly powerful.

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Capture an important time in your Life

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It’s an understatement to say that breast cancer completely changes your life – nothing will ever be the same. That’s why it’s so important to keep grounded even though things around you may feel chaotic. Many women decide to do a boudoir shoot before and during their treatment so that they can honor their bodies and celebrate them as they go through these changes.

Many women also choose to have their boudoir shoot after they’ve beaten cancer. It’s a great way to celebrate your strength and to help you gain a sense of pride in the new powerful woman you have become. If nothing else, your boudoir shoot will be a lifelong reminder that you faced the worst – and it didn’t define who you are as a woman, your femininity is still intact and you won.

Boudoir shoots are empowering and beneficial for all women, but it takes on a whole new level of meaning for women who are breast cancer survivors. It can help you reclaim your beauty, find your voice, and discover a whole new (and improved!) side of yourself.

Experience the therapeutic, transformative power of boudoir photography.  We don’t know what the future will bring but we can celebrate our here and now, feel it’s power and live life to the fullest by being the most authentic version of yourself. There will be days when we need that boost of confidence and see ourselves as confident and powerful women.   Book your session now with a qualified boudoir photographer.

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