If You Got it, Flaunt it! Boudoir Photographer, Jupiter

New Year, New You!

By the middle of January, most people have given up on their New Year’s resolutions. Are you one of those that have overcome? Did you recently accomplish that weight loss goal or fit into that dress from years ago that you never thought would be possible? Or maybe you had a little work done to enhance your assets or tighten things up and can’t wait to show off what you have! Consider boudoir photography. I offer a wide range of boudoir photography that can show off the new you. Take a look at the variety of styles I offer:

  • BREATHTAKING: Beautiful and soft images created with natural window light.
  • SENSUAL: Sexy, bold boudoir images created with dramatic studio light.
  • BLACK & WHITE/VINTAGE: Black and white images with strong shadows to create a fine art feel. Transform into a classic old Hollywood starlet!
  • PLAYFUL: Fun images created with natural window light and lots of laughter.
  • FASHION: Boudoir images inspired by fashion photography.
  • MATERNITY: Show off how beautiful that baby belly is.

Boudoir photography is the perfect gift to yourself. Even if you do have that special someone in your life, boudoir photography allows you to celebrate the beautiful woman that you are. What better time than the New Year to do it? If you are hesitant, schedule a time with me to talk about how comfortable and beautiful we will make you throughout the process. A little wine, beautiful makeup, georgeous hairstyling, lovely outfits, breathtaking backdrops… any woman- no matter what age or size- will walk away from our boudoir photography session feeling her best. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to celebrate you! Call today: (561) 758-5848.

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