Jupiter Boudoir Photography answers the question "Is Life Passing You By?"

Is life passing you by and you don’t recognize yourself anymore?
Are you feeling like you are living your life in the background?
Have you felt that your beauty has faded and you truly are at a loss as to how to re-capture it?

What if you could remind yourself that the beautiful inner core light of the person you are now is the same essence as the one you remember?
What if you gave yourself permission to indulge in your sensual side and re-awaken your inner light and beauty?
What if you had portraits of yourself that you absolutely love and can’t wait to share with your loved ones?

THE ANSWER: Jupiter Boudoir Photography. Women to Women Fine Art Glamour/Boudoir portraiture for women of all ages and sizes, photographed by women for women. Because it’s time to do something nice for you…

At Jupiter Boudoir Photography, it is more than just about pretty pictures. Our goal is to offer all women meaningful experiences from the heart, and yes..pretty pictures too! Many of our clients feel that the experience has helped them feel differently and more positive about themselves and that having gone through this experience has had a positive impact on their life. We love these stories, they are from the heart; from ours to yours and we will be sharing them so that every women knows that this is available to them. We want to share these stories so that every women knows that her beautiful inner light can radiate and shine no matter what her size, age or life changing event that may occur. Please enjoy these stories as much as we have and share..share..share. Because remember..sharing is caring.

What convinced you to go ahead and do this photo session with Jupiter Boudoir Photography?
“I always wanted to do a Boudoir session but had never found a photographer I was comfortable with. Rhea put me at ease and I instantly connected with her and I knew she would make me look amazing. I knew I had nothing to fear, but at the same time was excited at how I would look through her artistic eyes.”
Did you struggle with this decision?
“I didn’t. Knowing she wouldn’t let me look bad gave me a huge confidence boost.”
How did you feel at the beginning of your session?
“Nervous and excited.”
How did you feel at the end of your session?
“I felt like a sexy supermodel, My confidence was through the roof and couldn’t wait to tell everyone about my experience. I instantly wanted all the women in my life to take a chance & do a boudoir session with Rhea so they could feel just as glamorous as I did.”
What are 3 words you would use to describe your experience?
“Fun, Confidence boosting, & Pampered”
What did you think when you first saw your images?
“I teared up and smiled. I couldn’t believe that beautiful curvy sexy woman was me. The images were beyond beautiful. It was so much more than I expected and it touched my heart and soul. It lifted my spirits in a way I couldn’t have imagined. I love being photographed but this made me feel like the goddess I knew I had inside.”
How did your loved ones respond to the images?
“They loved them! They wanted to see me on the next curvy issue of Victoria Secret. They loved that a curvy woman was showcased so sexy & elegant. ”
Do you feel any different about yourself after going through this experience?
“Yes, I do. It reminded me that this beautiful, glamorous woman was still inside of me. I just needed to let her out more instead of going through life just comfortable.”
Did going through this experience impact your life in any way?
“Yes, I’m single and It helped remind me that I am a beautiful and sensual woman at any age or size. For the first time in a very long time, I feel happy and positive about myself, and know that when I put my best self forward it is beautiful and attractive. ”

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