New addition to my Portfolio – Jupiter Boudoir Photography

I am so excited to share with you my newest journey, Jupiter Boudoir Photography. As an artist, we continually learn and grow and while photography a recent glamour/boudoir session I felt a kindred spirit. A calling if you will and a new passion began, feminine portraiture. I fell in love with capturing artistic beauty and producing images that changed the way women felt about themselves. I quickly began putting together a portfolio of work and launched my first Women to Women Event in March 2014 with Jupiter Boudoir Photography. It was a huge success with a long waiting list. All of the women’s stories touched my heart in so many ways and led me to believe that this was where my business will be heading in the next phase of my life as an artist. We plan to continue many more of these Women to Women Events and also private sessions by appointment. The next Event will be held May 17 & 18 at the Luxurious Casa Grandview. To find out more – Click


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