Personal Boudoir Session



personal boudoir palm beach

Look and feel Extraordinary

The boudoir photography experience YOU have been looking for

As the premier luxury boudoir photography South Florida provider, we’re here for you and have a session that will meet your needs at any time in your life. We understand it’s hard to find and trust that you’ve found the right photographer who will respect you as a woman and will take the time to understand why you are choosing to do a session now. We understand that these kinds of photo sessions are very personal. We pride ourselves on a POSITIVE ONLY zone in our studio.

So we’ve created 3 session types for you to choose from where we’ll expertly guide you from start to finish- making sure you will look and feel your very best every time.

At Rhea Lewis Photography studio, it’s all about the EXPERIENCE. 
We want YOU to feel like and look like a million bucks.
We want your boudoir photos to “wow” you and inspire you every day.

With each session, you’ll receive a heart-felt welcoming and receive a luxury boudoir photography EXPERIENCE from internationally award winning luxury women’s portrait artist Rhea Lewis. Having photographed hundreds of women, she understands what you are feeling and will masterfully guide you through the process from start to finish and bring out the best possible version of you… EVERY TIME.

personal boudoir palm beach

I never felt so beautiful...

“As a tomboy most of my life, I never paid too much attention to my appearance. As I have grown older and losing a bunch of weight recently, I was ready to feel feminine and embrace that part of myself. I can honestly say this experience was exactly what I needed! I never knew how beautiful I could be and how that truly makes me feel so powerful and amazing! I loved every minute of it! Highly recommend!”

~ Mackenzie


When you are ready for a transformative experience, the PERSONAL session option is for you.

Let’s step outside the box and see what facets of your personality come shining through.

YOUR PERSONAL session includes:

  • 3 hours / 3 unique outfits
  • 4 hour total time with professional hair and makeup
  • Timeless and modern professional hair and makeup artistry for all 3 looks
  • Complimentary champagne
  • Yes! You do get to see and choose your stunning portraits the same day!
  • Standard editing applied to all selected portraits


We've helped hundreds of every day women LIKE YOU feel like movie stars for the day.

What if your boudoir photography south Florida experience could be exactly what you wanted… easy, fun and celebrates the best version of you?

You need to trust you’ve picked a photographer who understands what you want, why you’re doing this and can bring the whole process together in a new and exciting way.

At Rhea Lewis Photography, we have an expert and guided process so you can relax and enjoy every step of the Experience.

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