PHOTOGRATHERAPY – It’s Not Just about Taking Pretty Pictures…

Photography + Therapy = Photogratherapy. It’s more than just taking pretty pictures. These images and memories that we create as professional photographers have such a magical way of bringing people back to the place and time where we have frozen these memories for them. It brings back ALL of the emotions felt. There is such power in that as a way to heal and to offer positive imagery to boost confidence and self-worth. Having these images printed as a constant visual reminder is key to having the most positive impact.


Jen reached out to m e after a long and traumatic year for her. She was loving her fulfilling life and job as a paramedic, but her world came crashing down,,literally. She was involved in an ambulance crash that killed the occupants of the vehicle and very nearly ended her life as well.   She suffered through many operations, and a myriad of financial problems. Her relationship with her husband suffered tremendously to the point of divorce and their grown children were feeling the brunt. She had sunk to a very low place in her life emotionally and while her body was on the mend..the emotional drain of her ordeal was still very real. She knew she needed to feel good about herself again but was struggling with feeling that she even deserved to be loved.   She had been in intense traditional therapy, but felt she needed more. She needed a way to reconnect with herself again. She yearned to get back to the confident woman she had been for so many years prior to the accident. She thought that a boudoir photo session might be helpful for her, so she did her research and found our Rhea Lewis Photography Glamour and Boudoir studio in Jupiter. When she read our tagline “Re-Discover the Amazing in You!” she knew that this might be exactly what she had been seeking. She called and setup her pre-session consultation.   She shared her story with me and we connected on a deeper level. I knew that this session would be important and a huge step for her to be able to reconnect with her inner light and strength. After our planning of our session together with wardrobe, style and set design, she shared with me that she was already starting to feel better about herself. She was starting to come back to herself, to feel more in control of who she is as a woman, and as someone deserving of love again. Loving herself first was such an important step to this process.  We had our session together, and it was like watching a flower bloom right in front of my eyes. By gently guiding her through the process, she began to let go and embrace the woman she knew was still there. The most amazing thing about this is that this new version of her was much stronger, confident and full of life. She had discovered a renewed strength of character she didn’t even know was there…a new zest for life to take on and embrace. She shared with me later at our reveal session that this feeling was so strong after our session together that she had to pull her car off the road on her way home to truly savor and be present through these new feelings she was having. When she saw her brought her back to these feelings and she was so very thankful to me and my staff for this experience. She said that in all of the $$s that she has spent on therapy, this session and the portraits was by far the most beneficial to her on her road to recovery. She couldn’t stop smiling! It was such a joy to watch and to know that I had been able to help her in such a profound way. Jenn invested in herself and selected the largest album I have for the most impact and reminder to herself of this important time in her life.

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