Boudoir Photography in West Palm Beach, FL

Rhea Lewis Photography:
Custom Boudoir Sessions in West Palm Beach

Our studio wants you to be your best and push back your insecurities. We can help you tap into your inner beauty and let it shine and radiate. Rediscovering that beauty is an empowering feeling that only another woman can understand.

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Boudoir Photography in West Palm Beach

In photography, boudoir refers to a style in which a subject poses for photographs partially clothed or in lingerie. The photos are tasteful and nudity is typically implied rather than explicit. They are sensual and sexy and classy and elegant.

It's About Woman Empowerment

It’s a magical way of bringing emotions back to boost self-esteem. The photos serves as a constant visual reminder.

Breast Cancer Boudoir in Palm Beach County

Women empowerment is important to us. Breast Cancer Boudoir is something to help women find their sexy and their beautiful back here in West Palm Beach. It gives a resurgence of self-confidence and a sense of freedom. These women who have been through so much should be able to document their life as a survivor.

How Long Does a Boudoir Photography Session Last?

Hair and makeup lasts about 1 and ½ hour. The photo shoot itself is about 1 and ½ hour, too. The total session lasts about 3 hours. Also, consider the ½ hour drive (estimated) from West Palm to our location in Jupiter. You can view photos immediately after the session is over. Your finished art is delivered a couple weeks after your reveal appointment.

How Much Does a Boudoir Photography Session Cost?

Our Session Fee is $690 and includes a professional hair and makeup artist for the duration of your session. Products are available separately on both a package and a la carte basis. You’re welcome to email me for a full Product Menu and more details, especially if you have any difficulties come from West Palm, to ask in person. View our special pricing for breast cancer survivors.

Rhea Lewis: A Leader, Pioneer, Mentor, & Educator

Rhea Lewis discovered through Glamour and Boudoir Photography that women need to reconnect with our inner beauty and rediscover confidence. Its lasting effect is a gift from Lewis. She lends her 14 years of experience and combined skills of art and science to create powerful and beautiful images for her clients.

Meet Our All-Women Team

We want you to feel comfortable and to have the best possible shoot. Our team consists of extraordinary women that bring individual skills and abilities to our studio.

Boudoir Photography Experiences

West Palm Beach Boudoir Services

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