I have wanted to do this for a while, but I have been waiting to lose more weight. Rhea approached me to do this photo shoot, and I must say I was nervous and more than a bit self-conscious.  I figured why not just go for it, she has been a friend for a while and I knew she was a talented photographer.  She made me feel so comfortable right away with a glass of champagne, some fun music playing, getting my hair and makeup done and a lot of laughs.  She first had me get off my chest, all of my insecurities..and then that was it..no more negative talk, it was smooth sailing from then on.  I felt so sexy and confident, something I haven’t allowed myself to feel in such a long time.  It was just such an amazing experience I don’t know why I waited so long!  She showed me some images from the back of her camera and I just couldn’t believe that was me, I wanted to cry!  Thank you my friend for helping me reconnect with that confident women I knew was there, you are a rock star!

Linda B.