The Lingerie fitting begins the Transformation

The Lingerie fitting begins the Transformation

Meet Lucinda. She was one of our lovely ladies who participated on our March Flower Mini sessions. She found me on Facebook and decided it was her chance to try a session like this. She is 54 years young and married for 21 years. She has 2 grown children and she realized that it was time for her now.   She is currently working as a dog sitter, part-time deli helper, published author and future TED-X speaker. 

To say she is stepping into the spotlight is an understatement. I’d say she is catapulting herself!  She shared with me at her on person consultation that she had found herself depressed with loads of anxiety. She sought the help of a therapist to find a way to heal from her traumas and find strength and belief in herself again.  She shared with me that due to the trauma in her life, she had developed a pattern of hiding her voice, and her body. She also mentioned that 8 years ago she had been through a  battle with breast cancer and underwent a lumpectomy with internal radiation. All of these trials had left her depressed and she was ready to pull out and work hard on her healing and recovery.  By working with a therapist and a life coach, she has risen from the depths of depression and, like the lotus flower, is beginning to bloom.  How perfect that she close my Flower Mini sessions to celebrate her journey!Lucinda

It all started with the lingerie fitting appointment!

"I hadn't really looked in the mrror at myself like that in a very long time. And I was actually liking what I saw. I left that appointment with my shoulders held high! "

From hiding in the shadows to feeling invincible, this session was transformational from the start at the lingerie appointment. Lucinda shares that she felt safe, welcomed and seen. She was ready to step outside of her comfort zone, and we made her transition seamless, fun and ” on the mark”. 


So how and why does this happen? I would have to say that since we as women are so hard on ourselves,  when we are surrounded by a sisterhood of women uplifting and making us feel special, something changes in our view of ourselves. WE start to feel like maybe we do deserve the spotlight. Maybe we can be on stage. Maybe what we have to say is important. Maybe we are a big deal and have who we are and what we have to say is indeed .beautiful and worthy.  I say YES, YES, YES!  If this is your goal ladies, the journey can begin here! 

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