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boudoir photographerThe power of Positive Thinking! Many women are either misinformed about what Boudoir & Glamour photography actually is, and/or are really nervous about doing a session so they come up with reasons why they “can’t” do a session like this…

“To Love Oneself is the Beginning of a Life-Long Romance”
~ Oscar Wilde

First of all, EVERYONE is nervous in front of the camera, from the lingerie model to the every day mom. I hear “I’m so nervous. This is my first time doing anything like this” with a boudoir photographer from almost every single client. It’s totally normal to be nervous, but trust me when I say that after a few minutes into the session, you will warm up will be having so much FUN and you’ll forget that you were ever nervous. You’ll re-discover that amazing inner diva that has been waiting a long time to come out and shine. Plus, we find that spending an hour with our hair and makeup artist before the session really helps calm the nerves as well, making you feel pampered and beautiful.

The mind is a powerful tool, and if used incorrectly you can talk yourself out of a really great experience just as easily as you can talk yourself into a wonderful experience. Boudoir is meant to be liberating, to make you feel beautiful, sexy, and confident, and perhaps give that special someone in your life some wonderful images of yourself. But in reality, the session is all about YOU, not the person receiving the end product.

Here are the top FIVE “excuses” I hear about why a potential client feels they “can’t” do a Boudoir Session:

1. I need to lose a few pounds/get in shape first.
Ok, the reality is this, you are who you are – plain and simple. If this motivates you to drop a few pounds, that’s great! But the reality is, if you are like me, not much will change in this regard without a significant change and commitment to your lifestyle. I am a trained PROFESSIONAL. I have studied and mastered my craft so that I know how best to pose you and light you to make you look your best. We do glamour retouching on all of our images, without looking like someone you’re not. I have photographed lots of women of all ages and sizes. Believe me when I say you’re perfect just the way you are! You’re still you, just a more glamorous you. Your beauty comes from within, so let us help you match that inner beauty with your outer you.

2. I have nothing to wear.
I always say one of the staples to bring is a matching bra and panty …. that’s pretty easy, right? While you may not have anything in your wardrobe, there are many affordable places to buy super cute lingerie and some more high-end if that is you would like to own some of these outfits for a later date 😉 There are also a variety of online companies that offer quite a range of products and pricing. This is an area I can help you with as well. Just ask me and I can guide you through your wardrobe options. I even have a style guide that can really help you figure out the best style suited for you. You can even bring his favorite shirt, sports jersey, work gear, or pajama bottoms! This is an wonderful opportunity to really focus on yourself and maybe splurge on some nice’re worth it! It’s a great excuse to get out there and do a little!!!

3. I don’t know how to look sexy or what to do
That is exactly why you hire a professional like me. I will guide you through the entire session, telling you exactly how to position yourself, where to look, what to do with your hands, how to tip your head, etc! You don’t have to worry about a thing!! I am your coach and your cheerleader throughout the entire session. I want you to have a fun time and enjoy your experience, as well as love your images!!

4. I’m not comfortable walking around naked in front of a stranger
First of all we are an all women team. No judging..ever! You really don’t have to get naked. We will only do what is within your comfort zone. As I mentioned before, I have photographed lots of women of all shapes, sizes, and ages. I have seen it all, quite literally. I am NOT going to judge you or make you feel uncomfortable. If you want to do some poses with implied nudity or full nudity, I will accommodate that, but it is NOT required. We encourage you to bring changing robes and cover ups that will make you feel more comfortable around us. Remember it’s just us girls 😉

5. I don’t want anyone else to see these images
Who you show your images to is YOUR business! We would be thrilled to post an image to our Facebook page or blog to help show other prospective clients our work, however, if you are uncomfortable with that we will absolutely respect your privacy and requests. I do have to say, once clients see their images and how beautiful they are, they are usually comfortable with us using one or two and they usually show all their girlfriends as well!!

I hope that this list has helped you open up your mind about a Boudoir Session. And that the positives outweigh the negatives at any time in your life! You are who you are, own it and celebrate it! These sessions really, truly are a lot of fun and could be exactly what the doctor ordered. If you need a little extra moral support, bring a friend! I offer amazing buddy rates as well. I have had many sisters come to my studio and even some Mother and daughter duos. Whoever the “buddy” is you would like to bring, they are welcome to come and even participate in their own session as well.

Boudoir is my absolute favorite session to photograph, it is so rewarding to get emails from clients who LOVE their images…. especially the ones who are picky and critical of themselves and claim that they “never” like their photos!!! I promise you, you will have a BLAST during your session and you will LOVE your images!!! So what are you waiting for call me, your boudoir photographer…

Come join us for our next Women to Women Even May 17th and 18th at the Casa Grandview Luxury Inn. No more excuses..time to think positive and do something nice for yourself and your loved ones. Happy wife = Happy Life 😉

Keep spreading the good karma,

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