Transformational Breast Cancer Survivor Boudoir in South Florida

Transformational Breast Cancer Survivor Boudoir in South Florida

South Florida boudoir for breast cancer survivors

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Stepping outside your comfort zone is what these sessions are all about. If you listen to Ms M’s video chat with us about her session you will see that it takes a lot if courage to do this..but when you say “yes” to things..then the magic happens! My transformational boudoir shoots show breast cancer survivors and everyday women how empowering boudoir is. 

Yes, we still are accepting nominations for complimentary breast cancer survivor sessions and yes, you can nominate yourself! Click here:

Whether you’re a breast cancer survivor or not..all women deserve to reclaim their self-esteem and confidence and see and believe in your beauty, power and sensuality. You see all women have a beautiful inner light of femininity.  By trusting me to guide you through the process of trying on lingerie, finding outfits that accentuate your best features, having your hair and makeup done, sipping champagne and listening to your favorite music.  All you have to do is feel beautiful and pampered.  You will forget your scars.  You will forget that your body looks different.  You will forget that your hair is thinned or looks completely different.  All you will know is that YOU ARE FABULOUS.  I will be there to guide you through the process and treat you like the goddess that you are. And then something will spark inside of you that hasn’t happened in a long time.  

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Some of my favorite quotes from her video:

“Healing happens when you choose to participate in life and you accept what life has given you.”

“I saw for the first time the power that I have as a women and the warrior goddess spirit that I have had through my cancer journey in the pictures that Rhea showed me”

“My unwavering spirit was something that cancer couldn’t touch, Rhea captures that essence of myself”

“I now have this amazing photo book that I can look at and remind myself of the power and the magic that I have.”

“To see your beauty and spirit through someone else’s eyes is truly uplifting”

I have photographed women at various stages in their diagnosis from those just diagnosed to 10-year survivors.  Each and every woman has a powerful story of strength, reliance and renewed love of life and connection.  I have felt so blessed to meet each and every one of these women and their stories of survival and strength have touched me deeply. It’s your turn to feel empowered and more feminine than you ever have. 

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