WebCam Sessions: finding a new way to shoot and empower

Are you feeling down & blue right now!? Want an excuse to get out of your pjs and do your hair and makeup? Why not have a little fun with a webcam session? I have shot 5 of these sessions so far and it’s been so much fun! You can be located ANYWHERE!  That’s the beauty of these sessions. It’s not quite the same as the full experience of being in studio – but it is certainly a fun distraction right now! 

These sessions done via FaceTime (or android) are so empowering and a great way to distract ourselves during this #pandemic

One of the best parts about these #webcamsessions is that you can shoot practically anywhere & wear whatever you want. It doesn’t have to be lingerie/boudoir. I shot so many cool image  via webcam already!  These sessions are all about lifting up your spirit and empowering you to see the positive in this crazy time of social distancing.  Why not have an excuse to get out of your PJ’s and throw on a cute little outfit and get some photos taken!

This is something new that is happening out there during this crazy time of staying at home because of the pandemic. These sessions are meant to be uplifting, fun, and empowering! A distraction, if you will, from all the doom & gloom. I have SOOOO many incredible shots but these are three favorites. Incidentally, they were the first shots I took. I will be blogging all of the images I captured so keep your eyes peeled for those. This was a Facetime to Facetime session. Using the LIVE photo capture I was able to snap shots of her. I am starting to offering these now but with the positive responses I am getting, I may just keep them as a part of my services to women all overt the world!

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