Webcam Sessions

webcam boudoir sessionsSo, with this crazy pandemic, everyone is pretty down in the dumps. A bunch of photographers have taken the idea of WebCam sessions and made it a reality for women EVERYWHERE and ANYWHERE to be empowered. How many of us are staying in their pajamas or sweaty work-out clothes all day/every day since we are all pretty much on lockdown? (guilty as charged) We all need a good PICK ME UP and to feel “normal” again, to get excited about something positive! Myself included!

Typically when I bring you into my studio to get to know you, it is a space that is mine and it is a production and an escape from the reality for my clients. But with webcam sessions, we get to flip the tables. With WebCam sessions, I get to go somewhere that YOU are comfortable with and I will feel out of my element for a bit while I get to use all my knowledge of light, angles and posing to create an awesome experience for YOU – all in your own home. And no worries,’s not about how perfect, clean or beautiful your house is. You won’t even see all the clutter or dirty laundry hanging!

I think, now that we are in isolation, we can all agree that connection is more important than we ever thought and * maybe * “they” were right when they said we spend too much time not truly connecting with humans. I will never take hugging my family, friends, traveling, visiting, coffee dates, and general conversation for granted again and I am sure we are all saying this.

So what is a WebCam session?  These sessions are done with your cell phone IN YOUR OWN HOUSE! It could be in your bedroom, in your master bathroom, in your shower, or even in your pool!  All you need is privacy for about 30-45 minutes, and an iPhone or Android phone and a strong Wi-Fi connection. We can use Face Time or Zoom to record our session together.

How much does it cost? I know that many of us are struggling with finances I have reduced my rate to only $75 for this stress-free pampering treat for yourself.  You deserve to feel good again, and I am happy to help you with what I do best.

What do you get?  A 30-45 minute session, the perfect amount of time to send the spouse and the kids out for a walk or a bike ride so you can get some time to yourself.  You will get the beautiful experience of me encouraging you and directing you through the video session and feeling good about yourself PLUS 10 low res gorgeous artful images from our session together as a beautiful memory!  The images won’t be the high-quality printable portraits like my studio work but webcam digital artistry that can be just as beautiful to look at on your digital devices.  One thing I can definitely promise you will get is that you will feel EMPOWERED, BEAUTIFUL and CONFIDENT. And what woman doesn’t want to feel that right now!

So do you want to help me out and have an excuse to get out of your PJs and do your hair and makeup?

Let me know…I am setting up appointments for the next few weeks and I’d love to have you on my schedule. 

Let’s connect by phone or email and talk more about doing a quick, fun and uplifting sensual webcam shoot in your bedroom!  

Looking forward to connecting with you and giving you a virtual hug!