Wendy Moecher- Breast Cancer Survivor

To those whose lives have been affected by breast cancer, these words could not mean more:

“I am a mother of 2 teen boys and a breast cancer survivor. I wanted to do something to find “me” again, to get my sexy back, when I came across Rhea’s stunning photography with Jupiter Boudoir. Rhea instantly put me at ease & and answered all my questions. Right away we just “clicked” and began brainstorming one of the most unique photo sessions of my life. I can honestly say Rhea, along with her team, gave me my sexy back & helped me re-discover that beautiful woman I’d lost.”

Having breast cancer has such an impact on a woman’s self esteem. From the treatments to possible surgeries to hair loss, getting your “sexy back” could not seem to be a more distant notion for breast cancer patients. That’s why I love boudoir photography so much. I love seeing women come alive and get that surge of self confidence. Loving your body, no matter what battle wounds it has, gives women such a sense of freedom.

When Wendy Moecher walked into my studio, I saw a real opportunity to uplift a woman who had been through so much. And I couldn’t have been more pleased when she loved the results. It wasn’t about photoshopping the end result, it was about documenting a survivor. It was about celebrating battles that had been won. It was about giving a woman her “sexy” back.

View Wendy’s video testimonial on her experience here:

Know someone who is a cancer survivor? Consider giving them the gift of self confidence this upcoming holiday season. Gift certificates are available for purchase. Join me in helping give more cancer survivors their “sexy” back!

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