Wendy's Fabulous WebCam Session

During this quarantine time, I found myself yearning to photograph and connect with the women in my community. It was as if part of me was missing more and more each day that I was away from the studio doing what I love with a camera in my hand. Now don’t get me wrong, I had plenty of busy work but the bond that I form with each woman that steps through my studio doors is powerful! I hadn’t realized how different I would feel not being able to see the way I empowered women through photography being in my life every week. So when I started to see the fabulous idea of FaceTime, WebCam, Virtual sessions, I knew this was the perfect way to not only re-connect with my clients but to uplift them from the boring routine of quarantine lockdown and to relieve some of the daily stress during this pandemic 
So I bet you are wondering, what is a #webcamsession or #facetime shoot or #virtualsession?  They are shoots done with your cell phone IN YOUR OWN HOUSE! It could be in your bedroom, in your master bathroom, in your shower, or even in your pool!  I get to go somewhere that YOU are comfortable with while I use all my knowledge of light, angles, and posing to create an awesome experience for YOU – all in your own home with a good internet connection.
One of the first clients to book one of these fabulous webcam sessions from their home with me is the stunning Mrs. W. She is a client, breast cancer survivor, mother, wife, friend, model, and confident role model in the community of Jupiter. She had previously done a boudoir session with me and we were just starting to discuss her next #boudoir when we were faced with this #lockdown. Below is what this fabulous lady had to say about her uplifting experience during our webcam session.
“Rhea and I had been planning a studio a session for quite some time and with the current situation, it’s been put on the back burner.  The WebCam idea seemed intriguing and a really nice distraction from the daily uncertainties brought on by COVID 19. 
The planning for the FaceTime shoot gave me something exciting to look forward to and was a chance to get dressed up and feel somewhat normal again. We scheduled my session for a Friday afternoon, so I kinda felt like I was getting ready for an exciting   “Date Night”!
Although this was a new platform for a photoshoot for me, Rhea was very reassuring! She is extremely confident in her ability and knows how to put you at ease. I even talked my husband into playing cameraman and it worked out great! He enjoyed being involved in the process and is thrilled with the pictures!! It was really quite romantic!
I was on such a high when we finished!  It’s a liberating feeling to be in the midst of all this pandemic funk and feeling beautiful, sexy, and free and in the moment! I couldn’t wait to see the pictures! What a positive memory to take away from this depressing lockdown period!! Thank you, Rhea, for a truly fabulous and remarkable afternoon!! The pictures are perfect and I’m amazed at what you can pull together in a small space!! Never would have imagined the bathroom shots!!” Testimonial from Mrs. W.
By doing these webcam shoots, it has given me renewed energy. My creativity has been pushed in such a fun way and I am truly enjoying connecting with women all over the United States. Out of necessity, we have found a way to not only survive but thrive. I can’t wait until the next special woman’s session…
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